Some things are serendipitous, no? I like to think that the wonderful collaborative studio Ruby Assembly work from – replete with the very BEST kind of clever, sparkling types and Mariah Carey sing-a-longs – is a serendipitous find that nourishes my creativity me to a happy, happy t. Another such serendipitous thing is my favorite dress of the moment, which I first saw worn on my sweet friend Sarah at a Dumbo Feather par-tay. I coveted that silky, Gorman dress dear reader – and I couldn’t find it available anywhere. Can you imagine my joy when Sarah offered it to me? Oh yes, a gifted dress from a best friend that fits me perfectly is the most wonderful kind of dress to have.

In lightweight silk, the pattern is coral and navy braid which is all nautical, without the stripes, navvies and sea-shanties. Also, what do you think of my favorite new cosmetic buy – Lime Crime Velvetines. These miracles-in-a-stick have rich, rich pigments that are super bright and pretty much don’t budge. They’re ultra matte and have a light, modern finish. This color is Suedeberry – I picked it up at Lady Petrova. PS – do you see what I did here in a BRAID dress posing with BRAID rope?

…. and BRAID suede leather Gorman shoes, no less! #continuity

I’d like to include more about what I’m reading in my style posts. Reading is such an important thing to me. Literacy and building on cultural knowledge keeps you fresh, sharp and valuable. Which is just as much as priority as looking snazzy on the outside, I’d say. At the moment, I’m reading Olivier Blanchard’s book on Social Media ROI. Not because I believe in that notion so much as some of the metrics strategies he discusses. HINT: they’re not numerical. What are you reading?
This Penhaligon’s scarf almost matches perfectly – what I like most about it is the way it bouffs up a bun, while adding ‘wings’ of silk to the side of your head adding extra drama to all one’s noddings or head-shakings.

What’s the best thing that a friend has given you (apart from their friendship, of course)?