About Iolanthe Gabrie


who is Ruby Slipper?

Ruby Slipper’s Creative Director is Iolanthe Gabrie. Iolanthe’s background is diverse and covers several fields of endeavor.

After completing a degree jointly between The University Of Melbourne and University College Dublin, Iolanthe decided that the monastic life of the academic wasn’t for her. Even though she enjoyed research, writing and the creativity implicit in that process, business wooed her away from the library. Upon her return to Australia, Iolanthe went on to become a successful real estate agent and auctioneer, building and prospecting substantial databases of clients in Melbourne’s blue chip luxury belt. Six years later, Iolanthe’s love of writing and business  development found a home in her brainchild, Ruby Slipper Consultants.

Iolanthe has been developing and building her client’s profiles across a range of  media for six years. Iolanthe has been recognised by Voices of 2014 as one of the 30 most influential bloggers in the ‘personal’ category. A recognized authority in the strategic application of social media for brand development and community accountability, Iolanthe and the Ruby Slipper team have the skill and knowledge to win the minds and imagination of the public.

who are represented by Ruby Slipper?

    Here are just a few of the clients that Ruby Slipper have collaborated with.

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  1. Hi,

    Have come across your site (blog) and find it very interesting, we are a boutique family run real estate business – considine real estate located in Strathmore (Essendon) and am looking to refresh our brand name and grow. We specialise in property management services and sales and offer personalised professionl service similar to yourself! this website is very informative look forward to more!

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  5. wonderful photos and thank you for your comments on the Moya Dyring exhibition. Melissa Boyde Curator ‘Moya Dyring; An Australian Salon in Paris’

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