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Ruby Assembly // The Christmas Annual 2022

What a ride 2022 proved to be. From grappling with the spicy cough at the start of the year to re-integrating into a new-look workspace, many of us have found this year to be one of rapid change without too many breaks to recoup. Team Ruby Assembly enjoyed a cracking year in many ways, with wonderful and genre-defining work for our clients, experimentation in terms of design and use of [...]

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Start-up F*ck-ups

Start up f*ck ups, I've seen 'em all. Or at least I hope I have, given that I've been in business for 14 years. I've made many of these newbie mistakes myself, and I've observed clients and friends had their fair share of fails in the business space. So consider our collective pains and embarrassments your real-world entrepreneurial gains, as I share core mistakes made in start up; every one of them [...]

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A Year of Separation: What To Expect, How To Move Forward Part One

There are few experiences that feel as seismic as separation. In this instalment of The Divorce Project, I'm going to unpack what the first year of separation often looks like. Before we begin, I want you to know something that is comforting (if disappointing): there is going to be nothing particularly unique about the path you are about to travel. Many women have done it before. It is hard, but [...]

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Leading From The Top

I'll be honest: managerial speak and leadership culture gives me the heebie-jeebies. And that's not because I feel management is an illegitimate skill. On the contrary, it sets the tone for a business and the way it interacts with stakeholders from the head down. I think the internetz has much to answer for when it comes to my dislike of inspiring managerial shlock. Too often being a boss manager is [...]

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Ruby Assembly: The 2021 Christmas Annual

  Ruby Assembly have never had so much time apart, and yet we've never felt more together as a team. 2021 has been a challenging year in Victoria, with notable physical distance between ourselves and our clients. Our work has felt important and of additional gravity, as we supported clients to remain meaningfully in connection with their own audiences during a fraught period. We had to stay abreast of all [...]

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Teenage Dirtbag: Are You a Business Adolescent?

Adolescence. Woah. What a gross time. Sure, those in-between years offer some nostalgic moments; dancing to SClub7 on a Saturday night in a disco-ball-lit garage 15th birthday in Park Orchards, the camaraderie of school plays and Stoli-laden afterparties, long bus trips with mates listening to Nirvana's MTV special, poring over Dolly magazine. Then there are the yech moments. The school camp fails, the embarrassing crushes, the bindi-wearing, polyester Dangerfield flare-wearing [...]

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The First Two Weeks: What Happens When You Leave A Marriage

So you've left a relationship that doesn't serve you. May I be the first to say: congratulations. I recall those first few months after having left a marriage, when I shared my life news with friends and colleagues. My favorite response was from those who - with vim and vigour - would slap me on the arm or give me a hug and say 'Well done! Congratulations!'. I loved the tacit [...]

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Should Your Business Hold a Position on Vaccination?

In many of our client meetings, my colleagues and I are having conversations around mandatory vaccination. The discussions are not so much about whether we are vaccinated as a business (yes, we are btw). Rather, they're conversations led by the businesses we represent - workshopping whether or not they should hold a position on vaccination as an entity. In some cases, organisations are strident: yes, they are pro-vaccination and will [...]

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The Divorce Playbook: Introducing The Project

The most difficult, painful and distressing experience of my life was the breakdown of my first marriage. It was both the most terrible and the most powerful rite of passage I've traversed, and I have been ruminating for nearly three years on how to write about this time in a way that will be most valuable. Having gone through this process, I have learned many useful things I am itching to share; [...]

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Never Log In

This AM, my husband and I were up at 6:30 am with our teething babe. We turned on the heater, made cups of tea and had fruit toast plastered liberally with speculoos spread (if you know, you know). And whilst we get our daily news courtesy of Google Assistant, our morning ritual more often than not begins by checking in with our favorite vloggers. I must confess that I have [...]

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