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A Marketer’s Guide: Identifying Business Owners Who Are Beyond Help

The success of a business is ultimately predicated by the attitude of the organisation's leader.  No matter how talented a team of creatives, salespeople, digital strategists, product developers, scientists or researchers - the 'decision maker' is the one who supports growth and innovation, or hinders a brand. I'm reflecting on this subject as I was recently engaged to undertake a strategy audit with a marketing team from a staple Australian [...]

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Getting Hired in Digital Strategy

  Over the last three weeks, Ruby Assembly have been focused on recruiting a stellar Digital Strategist and Copywriter. It's a tricky thing to do, particularly in the midst of a pandemic lockdown; as complex a task for the employer as the potential employee. I found myself inundated with applications. Whilst we usually receive a tonne of applications for roles at Ruby Assembly, this particular role elicited well over 150 [...]

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Coming Out The Other Side

It was months ago. Well, two months. But it feels longer than that, as I'm sure it might for you as well. I was getting ready for work and listening to ABC Melbourne radio, when an announcement was made that Victoria was in a state of emergency lockdown. Whilst I didn't - I couldn't - know the extent to which our lives would change as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, I [...]

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Brave New World

Yesterday, a State of Emergency was declared in Victoria. These are unique circumstances and interesting times. None of us have lived through a pandemic before, one whose fierce virality means that we're resorting to plague-era epidemiology. While we can't guess exactly what will ensue in the days and weeks to come, one thing is for sure: the coronavirus epidemic will pass. Self-isolation will one day be a story we share [...]

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How To Lose Millennial Business

Australia - nay, the world - is about to undergo seismic change. The next decade will see the biggest transfer of wealth from one generation to the next ever to occur. Businesses will change hands, family assets will be inherited (and more often, dissolved) and fortunes will be built and lost. India and China will erupt in a youth boom of technology and supercomputing. In Australia, we'll see Boomers leaning heavily on the [...]

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Not Everyone Will Like You

When I sit down with someone who is curious about how I built my business, they'll often ask for the concrete steps taken. You know; the usual suspects everyone is curious about. How did I build my mailing list? How do I find new clients? How did I know my business would succeed? How did I decide to price? These are all useful questions to ask, but the reality is [...]

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Ruby Assembly Christmas 2019

2019 was indeed a year to remember. Our team have had so many adventures in the past twelve months. From personal growth to wild European months-long sojourns, a move to our luxe new corporate HQ at the Paris end of town to expanding our team of writers and running more workshops, more often - it's been our most important year yet as an organisation. And what better a place to [...]

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You Should Run a Workshop

It's high time your business ran a workshop. This is particularly important if you are an expert professional in a service-based business, where establishing yourself as a thought leader is core to commanding robust fees and a healthy referral network. If the idea of running a workshop sends shivers up your spine (don't worry, you're not alone!), this blog will encourage you to think differently about running events in terms [...]

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Rebel Yell: Business as Feminist Manifesto

There are many expressions of freedom for a woman. A room of her own and a place to create free of others' demands. Travelling alone and doing what her heart sings for, from visiting galleries to climbing mountains or walking through unexplored cities during the golden hour. Saying 'no' to obligations that feel like joyless fetters, and saying galloping 'yeses' to her desires - whether that's staying in for a [...]

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Body Horror

My colleague Georgia shook her head and pressed her lips together. "That sort of thing... well, that's the opposite of feminism. That's all the worst things women can do to one another." A week or so ago, I sent a newsletter to my database promoting an upcoming Social Media for Estate Agents workshop. So far, so normal. The newsletter detailed what participants could expect in terms of learning, and it [...]

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