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The Divorce Playbook: Introducing The Project

The most difficult, painful and distressing experience of my life was the breakdown of my first marriage. It was both the most terrible and the most powerful rite of passage I've traversed, and I have been ruminating for nearly three years on how to write about this time in a way that will be most valuable. Having gone through this process, I have learned many useful things I am itching to share; [...]

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Never Log In

This AM, my husband and I were up at 6:30 am with our teething babe. We turned on the heater, made cups of tea and had fruit toast plastered liberally with speculoos spread (if you know, you know). And whilst we get our daily news courtesy of Google Assistant, our morning ritual more often than not begins by checking in with our favorite vloggers. I must confess that I have [...]

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No Money, No Problems? The Ethics of Referrals

Do you expect to be paid for giving a referral? I don't. And even when other parties have offered to pay me a referral fee, I decline. All I want from my referrals is to ensure that my client enjoys a level of service and quality of delivery that matches Ruby Assembly's standard. In today's blog, I highlight why cash-conditional referrals can be problematic and lead to poor client outcomes [...]

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The Wild Power of Saying No

Reader - I had a choice to make. A tough one. I could acquiesce to the client's demand that I edit my Service Agreement to their liking, or I could stick with my guns. Sticking to my guns would cost me a potential $24,000 in fees. So... what did I do? And - more importantly, faced with this conundrum - what would you do? We all have different 'red flags' in our [...]

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How Parenthood Takes Entrepreneurs Next Level

Late last year, my husband and I became parents to a spiffing little lady. The experience has been an unmitigated delight, with any speed-bumps encountered barely memorable when compared to her sunny, funny presence. After barely three months, I returned to work - and so our newly-minted family's workweek rhythm began to find its groove. And while life is certainly more complex, it is all the richer for it. Like many [...]

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Growing Business and Baby

I find myself in now in the first week of maternity leave, at a heaving 36 weeks pregnant. Our much-longed for baby is nearly ready to make their appearance, and my husband and I are simultaneously excited and nervous. I haven't shared much about my being pregnant over the past nine months, although many of you will have noticed from recent photography used by Ruby Assembly that I'm definitely looking [...]

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A Marketer’s Guide: Identifying Business Owners Who Are Beyond Help

The success of a business is ultimately predicated by the attitude of the organisation's leader.  No matter how talented a team of creatives, salespeople, digital strategists, product developers, scientists or researchers - the 'decision maker' is the one who supports growth and innovation, or hinders a brand. I'm reflecting on this subject as I was recently engaged to undertake a strategy audit with a marketing team from a staple Australian [...]

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Getting Hired in Digital Strategy

  Over the last three weeks, Ruby Assembly have been focused on recruiting a stellar Digital Strategist and Copywriter. It's a tricky thing to do, particularly in the midst of a pandemic lockdown; as complex a task for the employer as the potential employee. I found myself inundated with applications. Whilst we usually receive a tonne of applications for roles at Ruby Assembly, this particular role elicited well over 150 [...]

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Coming Out The Other Side

It was months ago. Well, two months. But it feels longer than that, as I'm sure it might for you as well. I was getting ready for work and listening to ABC Melbourne radio, when an announcement was made that Victoria was in a state of emergency lockdown. Whilst I didn't - I couldn't - know the extent to which our lives would change as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, I [...]

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Brave New World

Yesterday, a State of Emergency was declared in Victoria. These are unique circumstances and interesting times. None of us have lived through a pandemic before, one whose fierce virality means that we're resorting to plague-era epidemiology. While we can't guess exactly what will ensue in the days and weeks to come, one thing is for sure: the coronavirus epidemic will pass. Self-isolation will one day be a story we share [...]

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