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Why Hiring Fails Hurt So Bad

Today's blog is a shout-out to all the recruiters, HR experts and business owners in the crowd. We know your pain. And it's not dealing with customer complaints or supply issues (although those are a real pain in the butt, there's no denying it). Your biggest pain is recruiting well. Whether you own a bakery, a law firm, an architecture firm or an accounting practice - the success of your business [...]

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Women to Watch

After attending a great International Women's Day 2018 luncheon, I got to thinking about the inspiring women in my life. Some of them I know, some of them I stalk (just a little) on Instagram, some I listen to on Podcasts or read over a leisurely hot cross bun, and others I am related to. Here they are in no particular order: women to watch, one and all. Happy #IWD2018, [...]

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Social Media for Business: Dean Salomone, Franchise Developer

Having a social media strategy in place is important for all businesses - and it's of particular value when you're involved in the development of franchises. Dean Salomone of popular Italian food franchise Rozzi's Fresh Kitchen is an authority in the world of Australian franchising. At the helm of a quickly-expanding nationwide franchise, Dean sat down with Iolanthe from Ruby Assembly to discuss the challenges faced by the food industry, ethical [...]

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Ruby Assembly’s Ultimate Guide to Summer 2018

Ruby Assembly's annual holiday blog for is a departure from years past. Rather than glittering gowns, faux snow (snaux?) and floral wreaths, Ruby Assembly present you with our Ultimate Guide to Summer 2018. When I think of Aussie Summers, it's the delights of the domestic that speak to me of seasonal cheer. That's why we chose to shoot our holiday guide at our local haven of frill-free Christmas treats: Northcote [...]

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Ruby Assembly’s Holiday High Tea

There comes a time each year - usually around May or June - where you wonder how it's possible that January's blistering heat has segued to Winter. "The year has flown past!", you exclaim to your colleagues as you stare down a new financial year. And it's true: years do fly past. That's why - as each Christmas approaches - Ruby Assembly make sure to gather as many of our dear clients [...]

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Law Firms: Establishing Your Digital Identity

If you're a law firm on the cusp of establishing your digital identity (or a partner or lawyer attempting to convince your firm to begin investing in social media), this blog will be of certain help. The good news is that law practices who intelligently invest in digital strategy and meaningfully communicate with their audiences have an immediate competitive advantage. Well done for your initiative and interest in the social space! Nationwide, [...]

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Virtuous Vanity: Photography & Your Brand

When I'm engaged to talk about the fundamentals of effective, engaging social media strategy, there's one query from the crowd that always comes up: what's the first thing a business owner or brand should do when social media marketing is on their agenda? My answer is: book a photographer. Experience has shown me this isn't the answer most people want to hear. They want to hear nifty secrets about hacking [...]

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The Future of the Written Word

In this guest article, Ruby Assembly's Georgia Castricum recounts her recent experience at the Melbourne Writer's Festival, pondering the future of written language.  When I spotted ‘The Future of the Written Word’ on the 2017 Melbourne Writers Festival line up, there were a few reasons I was drawn to the session. Mainly, because I read the description (below) and got a little bit scared. As technology develops, writing and the [...]

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On Retreat

The car was vibrating gently underneath me, negotiating its way along the pockmarked dirt road and disturbing plumes of dust in its wake. The last two hours had seen me leave the cosy quarter-acre blocks of Melbourne's suburbs behind me as I made my past Geelong and towards the Otway Ranges. On my journey, I'd negotiated dark thunderclouds and heavy rain, before dog-legging onto two-lane country roads bordered by deep [...]

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Social Media for Business: Natalie Hastings, hastings+co

The second in Ruby Assembly’s ‘Social Media for Business’ series features Natalie Hastings, Managing Director of hastings+co - Australia's groundbreaking real estate trust accounting and administrative support business. Kind, intelligent and insightful, Natalie generously shares her smarts about disruption in real estate, innovation in social media and entrepreneurship in her interview with Iolanthe Gabrie. Natalie's interview follows on from our first 'Social Media for Business' feature focusing on hotelier Donna Zimbardi. [...]

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