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You Should Run a Workshop

It's high time your business ran a workshop. This is particularly important if you are an expert professional in a service-based business, where establishing yourself as a thought leader is core to commanding robust fees and a healthy referral network. If the idea of running a workshop sends shivers up your spine (don't worry, you're not alone!), this blog will encourage you to think differently about running events in terms [...]

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Rebel Yell: Business as Feminist Manifesto

There are many expressions of freedom for a woman. A room of her own and a place to create free of others' demands. Travelling alone and doing what her heart sings for, from visiting galleries to climbing mountains or walking through unexplored cities during the golden hour. Saying 'no' to obligations that feel like joyless fetters, and saying galloping 'yeses' to her desires - whether that's staying in for a [...]

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Body Horror

My colleague Georgia shook her head and pressed her lips together. "That sort of thing... well, that's the opposite of feminism. That's all the worst things women can do to one another." A week or so ago, I sent a newsletter to my database promoting an upcoming Social Media for Estate Agents workshop. So far, so normal. The newsletter detailed what participants could expect in terms of learning, and it [...]

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A woman's relationship with her fertility is a complex one. It is one that changes regularly across her lifetime, and defines many of her choices and the risks she elects to take with her fate. When we're teenage girls, we wait for our periods to arrive - fascinated by our changing bodies, simultaneously horrified and proud of our bleed and the maturation it precedes. Soon, it promises us, soon we [...]

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Hunter Gatherer

If you had a business avatar, what might you be? Are you a farmer, digging deep and cultivating clients? Perhaps you're a hunter, who seeks to build new relationships and win hearts? Is your first inclination and pleasure to nurture or to hunt? In popular business culture and corporate myth-telling (I'm looking at you, Suits, Billions, BRW and The Wolf of Wall Street), we're regularly presented with one particular idea of a [...]

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On Boundaries

2019 has been a year of boundaries. Of reconsidering them, setting them, respecting them, pushing them and breaking them. It's had me reflecting on how individual each of our boundary settings are, and how these boundaries might change over our lifetime as influenced by our experiences. One person's safety-setting boundary is another's claustrophobic straightjacket. In this blog, I share my ideas on the boundaries of the professional and the personal [...]

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Going Up

When I got my first 'adult' job, I was working in an estate agency on Albert Street in East Melbourne, opposite the Fitzroy Gardens. I loved being able to wander through the conservatory on my occasional lunch breaks, and the view of the city as I walked by St Patrick's Cathedral and past Orica House made my heart sing with pride at our compact, beauteous town. Orica House on Albert [...]

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On Dressing for your Client

One of the great joys of being self-employed is being your own brand 100% of the time. Whilst taking the position of 'brand as person' can have some challenges of execution when you're going through vulnerable periods, overall I have found it both a liberating and empowering attitude. I remember being an estate agent many years ago, and standing in my suit and heels for hours on end. At the time, [...]

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Serious Women’s Business: Live

Ruby Assembly's networking organisation Serious Women's Business Northside is now in its fourth year, with over 500 members in our diverse community of female, Melbourne-based entrepreneurs. Last week we collaborated with East Brunswick Village to host a SWB Live event at their Nicholson Street display suite, where champagne flowed, delicious modern Egyptian catering was plentiful, and our surrounds were rich with art and culture - there was plenty of opportunity for connection [...]

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How Not To Spend Your Marketing Budget

"So, what do you do to show your love and gratitude to your clients? What investment will you make in reputation marketing this year? What's on the agenda to delight for 2019?" I ask. More regularly than not, the response from the business owner I'm working with is an uncomfortable "Ahhh ... that's something we've kind of dropped the ball on. I think we've got some pens somewhere, we give [...]

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