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On Fyre: Business Lessons from Fyre Festival

Unaware of Fyre Festival? Please let me know which social media-free parallel universe you've been hanging out in - because I want in. But before I go there with you (posse of models and Ja Rule in tow), I want to highlight several things your business can learn from the Fyre Festival mishap. Fyre Festival was a hugely-hyped event that failed spectacularly in 2017. Billed as an ultra-luxe island getaway [...]

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Conferencing Your Business: What I learned at the Melbourne Real Estate Conference

I first heard about James Tostevin's Melbourne Real Estate Conference in late 2018.  I was excited. Finally, someone was bringing a challenge to AREC. If you're not familiar with Australia's real estate industry, AREC is known as the industry event of the year. It features headline international speakers, and the opportunity to hear from local leaders. It goes for three days, which makes for a significant amount of potential shenanigans when agents play [...]

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For the Love of Business

Ahh, business. You're one of the great love stories of my life. I can safely say that I have been ushered into womanhood by two true, grand romances - one being my marriage, and the other my business. In today's Valentines Day blog, I note the loving lessons that my business has taught me about myself and the world around me. Happy Valentine's Day, (business) lovers! I'm Not Perfect Like [...]

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How to Kondo Your Klient List

Marie Kondo. She's helping you fold your t-shirts incredibly neatly. She's reducing the load of your bookshelf to just 30 tomes. She's encouraging you to get rid of clothes that you've not worn since 2003. Today, she's going to help you to Kondo your client list.  There are many reasons you may want to Kondo your klient list in 2019. And yes, I am going to continue to use superfluous Ks [...]

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Play On: What role-playing games teach us about leadership

Admit it: you've walked past stores in the city or your local shopping centre that have dubious names like 'World of Wizardcraft' or 'Warhammer 10000'. You may have observed with curiosity the black t-shirted young men rolling dice and yelling cries of victory around tables loaded with figurines through shopfront windows. It's entirely possible that you may have chuckled or made judgements about geeks or nerds at this point. Difference [...]

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Time After Time

It is not lost on me that I have been procrastinating about the right time to write today's blog on time management. But write it I must for several important reasons: Time management means better days filled with more meaningful work, thus better years. Time management unequivocally makes your business better. I've got the low-down on quality time management hacks to make the task of muscling your will into action this year that [...]

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Ruby Assembly Christmas 2018

Deck the halls: it's time for Ruby Assembly's annual Christmas blog! This year, we really wanted to max out on Christmas kitsch - and I think it's safe to say we achieved this goal courtesy of an early morning visit to the O'Brien Group arena where (most of use) tried ice-skating for the first time. With our puddin' hats and matching jumpers, we tottered our way around the rink with [...]

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Modesty, Honestly?

I've been thinking about modesty this week. Modesty is a virtue that women are meant to display in both their business and their personal lives. Perhaps modesty isn't quite the word I'm looking for here: I think that women - women who are 'good', who will take pains to avoid encouraging uncomfortable feelings in others - are meant to be self-effacing. Which is a step well past modesty, really, and a giant [...]

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Social Media & Your AirBnB

When it comes to making sure your short stay accommodation is booked year-round, how much responsibility are you taking for winning (and keeping) guests as clients? AirBnB, Stayz and similar have forever changed the nature of guest accommodation globally. When AirBnB exploded as a phenomenon, it was touted as a way to make extra income by offering your spare room to travellers. It has evolved (or de-volved, depending on your position) into [...]

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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Social Media Basket

If you want to future-proof your business, don't put all your eggs in one social media basket. Often I mentor businesses who have put huge effort into one platform, as they consider that is predominantly where their ideal customer lurks. If they're in eCommerce, they may have heavily invested in growing their Instagram or Facebook audience. If they're service-based, they may be solely focused on LinkedIn content. Both of these approaches to [...]

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