So there’s parties – and then there’s par-tays. Parties that coincide with the first balmy, limpid nights of summer. That are held in the gardens of bone-white mansions, gardens droopy-headed with roses and foxgloves, buzzing quietly with curious bees over lavender bushes. And some parties – just some – will also feature cool ciders, a Taco Truck and a spanish band crooning Gypsy-Kings style into the dusk. Today’s Ruby Assembly blog, dear reader,  features a party that simply had it all. Thrown as a launch to ring in their latest edition, indie publishing house Dumbo Feather certainly know how to a)  produce a magazine about the extraordinary people behind extraordinary ideas and b) throw marvellous parties that make you proud to be young, healthy, inquisitive and Melbournian.

Dumbo Feather are lucky enough to be housed in a unique ‘White House’ on Princes Street in St Kilda, along with other creative types. They welcomed their guests (such as moi) with cool Pipsqueak ciders and a patio full of snackage. Dumbo Feather celebrated its 33rd issue in style. Their publication focuses on people who make a difference, featuring their stories in beautiful 20-odd page editorials. Released quarterly, it is a dense and inviting magazine which almost commands you to focus and learn.

Brightly coloured chairs, a buzzy crowd of stylish hipsters scoffing down fish and potato tacos to the sweet tunes of the band. There was also a Dumbo Feather airstream caravan where you could pick up the latest copy of Dumbo Feather. (Click here to do so online.)

When you’re producing a magazine near gardens as lush as these, you’re probably onto a good thing. To find out more about Dumbo Feather, try their blog.

What’s a party without a gown? Handsome party guests (including Madeleine A’dore, right) support Dumbo Feather in style.