Botox, schmotox. Wrinkles, blinkles. My attitude towards medical intervention for vanity veers towards the skeptical. To my mind going through physical pain, pumping yourself full of synthetics and staring into the mirror fixating on imperfections is a waste of time. You could be reading, or eating, or running, or having sex, or chortling. There’s many more interesting things to do than worry about ageing. You’re fortunate if you even GET to age, and if you’re a happy type with a generous disposition, you’ll likely grow kindly into your years.

When I was invited to try a new Oxygen Therapy Facial at Carlton’s popular Clinicalase (a cosmedical salon) delightful owner Crystal Patel assured me that it would be a pain-free, rejuvenating and refreshing treatment I’d be chuffed with. Crystal informed me that this new, popular Australian-engineered beauty therapy was a celebrity-favorite facial treatment, offering maximum results without invasive techniques. Today’s Ruby Assembly blog charts my progress from being a (slightly frightened) skeptic to being wowed by the results achieved from this new-fandangled take on the traditional facial.


Intraceuticals is an Australian beauty company that specializes in anti-aging technology using hyaluronic layering. I was taken through the company history and Oxygen Therapy Facial method to better understand the benefits of the product whilst at Clinicalase. In a nutshell – you want an Oxygen Therapy Facial if you’d like to reveal smoother skin, a ‘lift’ and deep hydration. Full of anti-ageing actives, the treatment and daily serum work hand-in-hand. Here’s how it works:



Here’s Jess from Clinicalase who was my beauty therapist. She is lovely, calming and eminently knowledgeable. The Oxygen Therapy Facial is applied with a tool that’s something like an air-brush. It forces hyaluronic acids (the good stuff!) deep into your skin bed – nourishing, replenishing and ‘puffing out’ the skin with goodness. It is absolutely non-invasive. I couldn’t see the results immediately (other than the super-smoothness of my cheeks), but the next day I was wowed. My skin was crazy soft, super clear, bright and glowing. For. Real. Would I go back to have this treatment again? At the quarterly-affordable rate of $120.00 approx (at Clinicalase), you betcha I would. I have been using the matching Intraceuticals daily serum since my facial two weeks ago, which has kept my skin soft, clear and bright. I suffer from psoriasis, and have noticed that the patches on my face and around my hairline have noticeably relaxed since the Oxygen Therapy Facial and Intraceuticals serum application.


The proof’s in the (un-retouched) pudding! I’m very happy with my Clinicalase Oxygen Therapy Experience.

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