The comforting clink of coffee cups, the gentle babble of conversation and occasional honk of laughter from a group of well-dressed ladies, a plate brimming with bacon-stuffed brioche and a tray of choc-chip muffins. A catchup amongst friends? Yes – it’s that. It’s also a League of Extraordinary Women breakfast meeting. Before you shake your head and grumble about one of ‘those networking groups’ – the League is makes meeting new folks and being inspired something to look forward to. If you’re self-employed (or aspiring to be… or on the very brink of becoming a business owner) the League of Extraordinary Women is a great place to get no-nonsense tools and meet top-notch birds that are making a difference.



The breakfast was held in Port Melbourne at the Rose Diner, and featured a brief, interesting talk from business owner Crystal Patel of Clinica-Lase. Crystal spoke about the work it took to take her from aspirant business owner to successful business woman on verge of opening her second salon. All too often, business development talks skip the hard stuff – the bare-knuckle multiple jobs worked, years of saving and risk-taking essential to making your business a reality. We also rarely acknowledge how business ownership is one part DOING your profession (working in the business) to four parts everything else! Dealing with councils, permits, builders, architects, staff, banks… the list goes on and you’re not even prospecting yet. It was great to hear Crystal’s pragmatic discussion on the challenges and rewards of business ownership.

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It was great to catch up with Sarah and Lisa, co-Directors of Organika Hair . See our coverage of their nifty opening event on Elgin Street in Carlton here!



League of Extraordinary Women Crusader for Victoria Louise Greenstock – we interviewed her as a Business Ninja here.


Meeting new folks (who are excellently cheery, welcoming business women to boot) before 9 am with a side-serve of inspiration? Now that’s extraordinary! Click here to find out more about the next League of Extraordinary Women event in your state.