Years ago, I was asked how it was that I reflected on my achievements. At this time, I remember thinking that I was being asked how I’d treat myself for having achieved a certain goal. I found it a bit of a shallow question.

More recently I realise that reflecting and celebrating achievements is actually key to appreciating how far you’ve come, and (importantly) who you’ve invited along for the ride. This past year has been an incredible experience of wild achievements and brutal check-ins, and it wasn’t until Ruby Assembly’s annual celebration event that I actually had the occasion to feel really proud about the mountains we’ve climbed in 2016.
Ruby Assembly’s Moroccan Feast – held at Brunswick East’s most fabulous Moroccan Deli-cacy – brought together clients, friends and family to enjoy heaving tables laden with every middle eastern treat imaginable. From hummus to smokey eggplant salad, jewelled cous-cous to golden friend halloumi and dolmades to fresh falafel and pita, we ate it all, finishing in style with sweet mint tea, walnut-stuffed dates and turkish delight. In fact, there was such an abundance of delights that guests took home salad boxes to keep the party going!
So, today’s blog is really all about reflection, celebration, connection and sharing a simple meal with people who are so dear to my heart. I am very glad to have made a life where work and pleasure are in such close conversation, and am deeply grateful to all who makeup the Ruby Assembly family for their contribution – in particular to Leah Morris and Emma Edwards who are invaluable members of my team. Thankyou.


Leah and Emma from Ruby Assembly.


Wild Fig and Cassis table-gifts to welcome our guests.


Getting the grog-free good-times rolling with Rebecca Mutch of The CoWork Co.


Lauren Staley of Infolio Property Advisors, Anthony Gattuso of Woodards Carlton.


Tonina Ryan of Aviser Finance, Effie Kiriakakis of Infolio Property Advisors, Barbara Kowenzowski of Heywood Property Management.



Lauren Staley of Infolio Property Advisors, Chris Forster of Bayside Family Law Solutions.


L-R: Rob Jagger of Exit to Success, Ali Forster of Bayside Family Law Solutions, Donna Zimbardi of Aquabelle Apartments, Leah Morris of Ruby Assembly.

Photography: Louisa Bailey