Hello everyone! I feel as though I am back from a big hiatus – even though in reality it is only four weeks since my last Ruby Assembly blog. I’ve hugely exciting news – after looking for the perfect home for quite some time, Mr Ruby Assembly and I finally found a residence that was not too big and not too little… it is JUST RIGHT. Subsequently, the last month has seen us pack up one house that we’d lived in for a long time and move to another. As you can imagine, this has taken up most of my free time and energy – outside of the writing and social media magic that Ruby Assembly work for our wonderful clients.
So, today is a return to form – and don’t worry, I can’t see myself disappearing from regular blogging as completely as I have in the past four weeks anytime soon. But more on the big move and new home soon  – today’s brief blog is about Saturday’s Leader Of The Pack Masterclass, which I taught with my colleague Kate Iselin. A big day of sharing all our knowledge on social strategy and identity, brainstorming and working with brands and bloggers to help them more fully realise their real-world brands in the online sphere. Here I am with the latest pack of Leader Of The Pack alumni, proud as punch!
When holding Leader Of The Pack masterclasses, we always want out students to be delighted by the spaces they’ll be learning in. We chose beautiful Lightdrop Studios in Kensington as our venue for this iteration of our course, located in series of industrial buildings which have been overtaken by artists and makers. The ceilings were super high, the light brilliant, the vistas of the city skyline PRETTY special – and that big, luxurious space was all ours.

What’s an event without a little styling? Renegade Collective magazines for all, blooms and the fresh scent of Basil Lime on Mandarin from Bougies de Luxe candles.

We had such a diversity of different categories join us for this masterclass session. A communications manager from a property advocacy brand, a blogger who is well-known for running some very popular inner-north craft markets, a communications manager for one of Melbourne’s most prestigious real estate groups, and two award-winning luxe accommodation businesses. There was much to discuss and mull over, and the intimate class size means that everyone goes away with bespoke ideas to apply to their brand or identity immediately. How good is that!?
As always, it is excellent and joyful to work alongside Kate – who is richly experienced in building online communities and often plays devil’s advocate to my approach to social content (which is helpful, as it provides students with a really broad view of digital application). When she’s not creating havoc in her newly-claimed home city of Sydney, flamingo-haired Kate can also be found online editing Backyard Opera and her extremely popular new project Thirty Dates of Tinder. She makes a fine co-tutor when it comes to imparting knowledge on social media and blogging essentials to our students.


With light like this, who can resist a nifty headshot or two? At left, blogger Dee from Wild About Melbourne. All Leader Of The Pack attendees have the opportunity to capture a few beautiful personal images to use on their networks.

Thinking makes me hungry. We scoffed down our delicious Roll’d Vietnamese lunch bags too fast to take a snap – they were packed with fresh Mr Bun Mee and rice paper rolls. For afternoon tea we enjoyed this delicious pastiera sweet I picked up from the Mediterranean Supermarket in Sydney Road, Brunswick. Custard-y, baked gorgeousness.

The second Leader Of The Pack alumni for 2014! Great to have shared such a big day of learns with you all.
Did you miss our on our latest masterclass? Would you like to attend our next Leader Of The Pack masterclass or have us attend at your business chamber to share the knowledge and love? We’re sure to have another in 2015 – please email info@rubyslipper.com.au to register your interest.