The weirdly minimal and mildly self-loathing recession-recovery 1990’s are the first decade I have experienced first hand, and then watched return to pop-culture  through a lens of nostalgia. We’re in a space where velvet baby doll dresses and 90’s chambray everything are termed as retro (i’m waiting for you to return too, Tencel!), and I wonder if minus-20 years and counting is really old enough to be termed truly vintage? Methinks not.

In any case, the 90s flava (you’ll find that’s the right spelling for this context) of this post is fresh. Fresh Prince fresh, you might say – what with my almost-harem pants, skivvy and bomber jacket. At least that’s what Ruby Assembly sister Kate dubbed it, after snapping some images of me after we had tucked into a lunch of piping hot savoury crepes on Degraves Street, near our new studio. There’s little more Melbourn-ish than Degraves and the series of laneways that surround it, tapestried with graffiti and peopled by beautiful students, suits and buskers. It’s grey and kind of dirty, but bright and full of energy too. A lot like my memory of the 90s the first time round.
Other things from the 90s that I was convinced were most excellent : The X Files, faux-cornrows held with glittery plastic butterfly clips, Christina Aguilera and her midriff, Recovery with Dylan Lewis, Sonic the Hedgehog and that trend of orange and lime-printed clothes which were nearly 100% polyester. Do you have fond memories of any 90s trends?
Got $8.00? A tasty lunch of a savoury or sweet crepe can be yours at Aix Creperie on Degraves. I order the mushroom, spinach and taleggio and usually follow it up with a raspberry jam number. Mmm.

 Wearing: Micky In The Van pants (I love their Edwardian derring-do and fine Valentino-ish pattern), Alpha60 jacket.


Fresh! I look like I’ve just finished hitting the floor with Johnny Gill at a blue light disco in Croydon!

If you experienced the 90s first-round, what do you make of its return to fashion? Is there an item of clothing you’re glad you kept, having pulled out of mothballs for another wear?