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Last week when I was trundling around Carlton Gardens, a flutter of white wings and claws swooped low in front of my face, tickling my nose most unexpectedly. After shrieking and then surreptitiously peering around to see if anyone else had witnessed my being swooped-upon, I walked off, wondering that a magpie thought it was Spring when we were barely out of autumn.

Yes siree, weird things are happening with our weather in Melbourne. My peach-tree is blossoming from the consistent, springy mildness. I haven’t even had the chance to pull out the woollies much as yet – I really relish the warm luxury of knitted erry’thing for keeping the winter chill away. The images from today’s editorial were taken at Mark Douglass‘ studios, where his elegant, botanical ‘red hot poker’ glass tendrils matched the feel of my autumn-y orange and oxblood knitwear. Do you have a winter ‘uniform’ you’re waiting to begin wearing in Melbourne this year?

 Wearing: H&M cashmere shawl, CottonOn knitwear, Eastern Bloc attitude


 Winter is coming.

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