Tits, glitter, circus glamour, french champagne, Melbourne’s media darlings, celebrity chefs and Manu Feildel. What could go wrong? Not a thing, as Manu Feildel‘s new Melbourne restaurant Le Grand Cirque held a proper ‘knees up’ launch party last night in deepest South Yarra last night. Ruby Assembly was there to take it all in.

Located in what was previously Calombaris’ Mama Baba, Le Grand Cirque is an airy, industrial space ripe for events – featuring a floorlit disco ‘runway’ upon which pranced circus performers, models, a magician and Manu the man himself. A buzzing crowd delighted to sup on endless bottles of French champagne, excited to be involved in a party that felt a bit naughty, sexy and cheeky thanks to the gorgeously made-up waitstaff and dancing cancan girls (really).

 Zut Alors!


Throughout the evening, heaving trays of Le Grand Cirque delicacies circulated the room – most notable and delicious pour moi  were the friture de crevette – crispy school prawns with aioli. I didn’t get a semblance of the more robust items on the menu to come, but by looking at their menu online, I am mightily tempted to return for a classic cassoulet or les eclairs du grand cirque.

Le Grand Cirque’s dining zone has darkened hideaways to canoodle in with your sweetie before settling in for a menu of classic french cuisine, ready to share.

Readying myself for the grand fete wearing my invite/Le Grand Cirque mask.


I look forward to seeing how Le Grand Cirque’s opening night excitement and theatrical frivolity translates into a dining experience sans cancan and Pierrot. En tout cas, Le Grand Cirque undoubtedly follows in footsteps (or at least, the spirit) of another grand.  La Grand Bouffeof course!

Visit Le Grand Cirque at 21 Daly Street, South Yarra.