Cut It Out


Autumn calls for pieces that will cope with (nearly) all of Melbourne’s changeable weather moods. My favorite trans-seasonal piece is the clingy midi gown – one that finishes on your calves and gives your lady-lumps a fine showing. No matter how willow-lithe or fat-tastic you are, a midi-gown is for you. Whatever you got, one of these badboys presents it with flair.

With that in mind, why not add a little cut-out detail for some cheeky skin-baring? Go awn!


Wearing: Target midi-gown, Big W heels, good time attitude.


Mimco earrings, Limecrime Velvetine lipstick.


Today in the Ruby Slipper studio, we were talking about dresses that make us feel special. Some Ruby Slipper sistas have go-to gowns that make them feel like a million dolla bill every time. I’ve probably got too many gowns with good memories to select one individually – but formfitting midis are top of the list. What dress makes you feel special? And does it make you feel special because it showcases you undeniable HAWTNESS or because you’ve had excellent experiences in it (like a night at Eau de Vie or wearing it to Beyonce)?


Peek-a-boo, gurl!



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