The Dark Side


Despite being as Melbourne as they come, black is not my usual choice of palette when it comes to the Ruby Slipper wardrobe. Maybe it reminds me of gallery assistants whose black garb and matching seriousness precludes them from laughing at fart jokes (I make it a rule not to trust people who can’t laugh at a good fart joke). Black also makes me think of the Yiayias who remain permanently enshrouded in the dark after their husband’s deaths. I know black is stylish, easy-to-wear etc. I just prefer bright, brilliant colors – especially eggshell blue, coral, royal navy and purple. Even sunny yolk-y yellow. Yet when new online business The LBD Boutique gifted me a ‘made for my body type’ dress from their collection, I was delighted at just how winning a little black dress can make a girl look. Maybe …. I’ll join the dark side now and then.


This dress is quite ‘booby’ – which I don’t mind. You’re only young once, am I right? The LBD Boutique offers a wide array of perfect LBD’s for every occasion – from business meeting to ballgown. Made of quality, form-fitting yet comfortable material, I must say I’m really impressed with the product. All my sisters who are loving black gowns, have a looksee.




Wearing : LBD Boutique ‘Anika’ gown, Asos heels, Sass & Bide star lanyard, Samantha Wills ring, Mimco earrings.


How matchy-matchy are these two spunks? Meet some extended Ruby Slipper famiglia : Ellana Katos – Ruby Slipper intern and all-round top bird – and Nikos Psaltopoulos (his pants match the paintwork, no?) who is one of the clever-clogs behind The Manroom. The Manroom is the collaborative workspace that team Ruby Slipper work from every day. We love it.


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