The end of the Ruby Slipper working year came to a fine culmination on a furiously hot evening in fine Carlton town, where Lisa Valmorbida’s Pidapipó Gelateria enjoyed an opening night replete with gelati for all (naturally), aperitivi, wood-fired DOC pizza and lots of Euro-cuties (both local and imported, including Mr Ruby Slipper and myself).


Lisa Valmorbida’s gelateria is named after a game her Nonno played with his nipoti (grandchildren) – now a pop-up shop located at 222 Faraday Street, Carlton. After training at the famous Carpigiani University of Bologna, Valmorbida comes back to her hometown to present its food-fanciers with an array of delicious gelati presented in distinctly Italian ‘pozzetti’ – stainless steel tubs to maintain freshness.


I enjoyed a rather heaping cup of Gianduja (hazlenut) and poached pear. Get it down quick, ice-cream headache be damned.


Top to Bottom: ‘Pozzetti’ stainless steel tubs, a crowd ready to party Pidapipo style, gorgeous wallpaintings by local artist Esther Stewart.


Tropicana in the cup and on the gal – Leeyong Soo of StyleWilderness looking a tiki-treat.


Sparkling drinks and sparkling peeps: La Donna Carbone soaks up the festive cheer.


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