In the depths of winter, (virtual) sunshine. Looking back through my photos from the first half of 2013, I spied a selection of images taken by the Yarra, just before the fashion-attack that was LMFF. The night was very warm, people milled about Southbank meeting friends and having dinner, and my friend Marianne and I were off to the finale of The Spirit of the Black Dress. It’s funny how much a city’s personality can change, season to season. When I think back to this time (sitting in my cosy study and looking out onto wet Carlton), the intense concrete-softening heat and hypercolor blue of the evening sky, the sun shimmering  skyscrapers – they all seem impossible.


We’re now halfway through, and in the heart of the ‘working’ year – the time I find I am the most creative, the most called-upon and the most targeted in building Ruby Assembly – the business I love. See you soon, Spring and Summer – with your slowness, you parties, your long weekends and your season of weddings.

STYLE NOTES: Country Road dress, Collette necklace, Mimco earrings

Below: Out-takes from The Spirit of the Black Dress finale event