International Women’s Day 2013 started well in Melbourne with the launch of Here She Is! at my favorite place to write – the beautiful State Library of Victoria. Here She Is! is an initiative of the Victorian Women’s Trust, and it is essentially a website trigger for change in recognising the talent and leadership of Australian women. Fed up with corporations wondering ‘where all the women are’ , Here She Is! provides a comprehensive list of talented women ready and able to contribute to their communities. Are you one of these women? Register on the Here She Is! website by clicking here.


The launch of Here She Is! was in one of the opulent, columned halls of the State Library. Fancy!


I was excited to discover that former Chief  Commissioner of the Victorian Police Christine Nixon was keynote speaker at the event. I’m a big fan of Christine Nixon, having admired her during her role with the Police and being amazed at how composed she remained during the media vilification following the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. One night on a walk through the Carlton Gardens I saw Christine walking quietly on her own, some distance from me. Enthusiasm and support for Christine overcame me, and at a distance I started waving my arms and star-jumping. Once she noticed me, I hollered “Christine! I think you’re fabulous!” I received a dignified grin and two thumbs up. Winning.


The launch of Here She Is! was at 10:00 am or thereabouts on International Women’s Day. It was great to see so many women attend, but I did note with disappointment the lack of women my own age. The audience was by and large an older group of feminists at a different stage in life. Women in my age bracket were likely to be firmly ensconced in their corporate jobs without the capacity to attend, or busy raising their families at home. One of the reasons many of my peers decide to exit the corporate world and begin their own ventures to be able to better control their own time and quality of life. Whenever I attend an event like this, I remember how grateful I am to be self-employed and in many regards – free.


After a US Ambassador spoke, we were treated to the mellow sounds of the very sexy Grammy-nominated jazz pianist and singer Judy Carmichael. Judy can be found performing on visits to Australia at Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club, where she has a cocktail named in her honor. Listening to jazz at in the morning was a little disorienting –  but Judy was truly charming and had a sparkling wit and warm personality that oozed confidence and contentment. High five, Judy!


A happy belated International Women’s Day to all the top birds out there. Do you like my IWD jumpsuit? Purple, naturally. Here She Is!

Style Notes:

Emily Green necklace and vintage jumpsuit.