There’s been so much girlpower in the news recently. From our Prime Minister’s speech calling out rusted-on misogyny through to the growth of Destroy The Joint (so-called for Alan Jones’ comment saying that women were ‘destroying the joint’), we feel a fresh rush positive of feminism around us. Included in this zeitgeist of powerful female voices is The Peach, a new online journal headed up by Editor and top bird Amelia Grevis-Jones (inset above). Last night we attended the opening shin-dig for The Peach – where you’ll occasionally also see opinion pieces by Ruby Assembly in coming months! We’re excited to be part of the greater Peach crew, and encourage you to like The Peach on Facebook and read it for a dose of  no-nonsense real-girl writing. High five!

With another collaborator to The Peach, Phoebe Montague aka Lady Melbourne.

Amelia says her thank-yous, announces an exciting commercial commitment to The Peach and presses the GO button on the website.

Grainy but gorgeous, with Ruby Assembly intern Ally Hallam – who writes the craft-tastic Cardigan Magazine.