Oftentimes I’ll be writing and thinking so intently that hours can pass by – and before I know it, it’s time to pop the oven on for dinner. Today was one of those ‘laser beam focus’ days, which coincided with an afternoon that held the promise of spring, with its piercing blue skies and warm sunshine. It was definitely reason to get out and about, to enjoy the sun on my face and to write and think in a space other than the Ruby Assembly office. So I packed up my bag and camera, and set off to a quiet afternoon adventure.

Denton Corker Marshall’s soaring Melbourne Museum rising up amongst Carlton Garden’s winter trees.

Wearing Disney Couture top (yes, really – a graphic Sleeping Beauty print I found at Anaheim Disneyland in  punchy yellow, something I’m so glad I purchased) and Scanlan & Theodore knit skirt.

Earlier in the year you may remember our interview with Tim of the then-newly-opened Grub Street Food Van. I revisited the Grub Street Food ‘Hole’ to warm up after my walk through the Carlton Gardens – the caravan has closed for winter and instead there’s a light and airy indoor space to enjoy  through the cooler months. Full of greenery, white garden furniture with nanna rugs to cosy up on and tabletennis to help your coffee and tasty lunch go down – we highly recommend!

I’m a sucker for religious iconography, and so happily seated myself beneath this beatific baby Jesus and got down to some reading – half business theory (or pop psychology) in the form of Verne Harnish, and then a little of the New Yorker.

A very peaceful way to finish a day of intense thinking – a hot chocolate on faux grass sitting on crochet. Where do you go to take a break and feed your noggin with new ideas?