Lady Petrova is a delightful wee shop just off Flinders Lane, nestled opposite a creperie near to Journal Cafe and the mysteries of the tangled laneways nearby. Ruby Assembly have been known to duck into Lady Petrova occasionally to peruse their array of dramatic shoes (including Mel booties), Limecrime cosmetics, Butter UK nailpolish and array of gowns. Petrova Hammond’s idiosyncratic and popular gowns evoke a sentiment best described as glamorous dystopian prom fantasy mixed with My Little Pony and Lana del Rey (in fact, Ms Del Ray purchased several gorgeous flower garlands from Lady Petrova while in Melbourne on her current tour).

Petrova’s small business has garnered a strong following among adventurous young women, those who enjoy standing out and value color and decadent detail. We attended the relaunch of Lady Petrova, recently given a bitchin’ new  facelift replete with imported ‘Rainbow Brite’ marbled floorboards from Europe and cosmic-girly wall murals. We’ve noted that Lady Petrova use social media extremely well, regularly corresponding with their followers and engaging them in a warm and genuine manner – such authenticity is a great example to other traders big and small.

The intimate launch featured a ‘hold me closer tiny dancer’ ballerina, striking an elegant pose en-pointe in the windows of Lady Petrova.

One of the murals on show at the new-look Lady Petrova.

The darling lass herself, Lady Petrova, in a delicately embroidered gown from the Spring/Summer collection. Cute as a cupake, this one.

Congratulations on a wonderful re-vamp Lady Petrova – may your quirky success continue. You’re a small business with a big heart. You deserve the highest of fives!