What better way to break up an action-packed week than with a proper sit down lunch with wine, good conversation and all the trimmings? We were beyond excited this week to be offered special tickets to Greenhouse by Joost – the sustainability focussed centrepiece of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Everything about Greenhouse by Joost employs recycled materials (from the actual architecture of the pop-up restaurant through to the tabletop materials and seating). All the electricity is fuelled by unrefined canola oil, and all visitors’ urine at Greenhouse by Joost is collected to fertilize soybean and canola crops. Talk about holistic!

I attended the Rosa’s Farm luncheon, which rejoiced in traditional italian flavours done simply. Chef Rosa Mitchell (inset above) spoke briefly about the Daylesford produce she uses in her cooking before the happy lunchtime diners tucked into lipsmacking chicken done simply with two salads, plus wine served in cute little glass bottles. The feeling was very ‘bespoke’, from the rough-smooth earthenware we ate from to the lush rooftop garden filled with produced used in the meals.

The highlight for me was the delicious bbq’d fig with caramel icecream.

My lovely lunchtime companion Lady Melbourne and I enjoying the last of the wine while looking at THAT spectacular view of the city skyline.

Greenhouse by Joost runs until the 20th of March, so there’s still time to get in some sustainably created deliciousness.