There’s nothing I love more than a little coral (or tangerine, perhaps for those who want to disassociate themselves from the 1980’s colour de rigeur). It’s tropical, it’s summery, it’s bright and feminine – but not too saccharine girly.

I purchased this mildly-ill fitting dress (but what a happy color!) in a late night shopping splurge on Dotti *hides head in shame*. At the time I had a 21st birthday to attend, and even though I know so many things about this dress are WRONG I just couldn’t resist its siren song of tangerine at only twenty dollars. Reader, I bought it. Upon delivery to the Ruby Assembly office, I discovered that the sheer luxuriance of little ole’ me didn’t quite fit into the design – the bosom was all wrong. So, relegated it was to the cupboard – hidden behind better fitting and more tasteful items.

Until today. It’s so hot that I thought I’d pull this little number out. At no other time of the year would it really be appropriate, and given that i’ll wear it with the required amount of insouciance and hair-in-a-topknot, I’d say it passes for today.

Like my Rimmel ‘Tell No One’ tangerine lipstick and bright (yet potentially life-threatening) Rubi Shoes platforms?

Summer days like these go so quickly. There’s nothing for it but to grab a Splice from the freezer and sit in the cool. And perhaps go to the Fitzroy Pool a little later on too.

How will you beat the heat?