Today I’ve enjoyed one of those Saturdays you might have last enjoyed in Year 10. You know those blissfully pedestrian days of yore – where you took a little time dressing up and went to a midday movie followed by lunch out at Doncaster Shopping Town or Eastland (oops, eastern suburbs origins revealed!)

I wore my favorite new dress – one I made whilst up in country Victoria from a retro Butterick pattern this Christmas. I had to make a few little amendments to the garment, but in all I think it’s turned out quite well. With hydrangea material this heady, how could it not? I was also gifted a natty cuff with a blingy ceramic-zircon-pearl flower in fuschia which matched a treat, along with my Carlton op-shop find Nude pumps. After curling my hair and popping on a zing of deep pink lipstick I felt very glamorous heading into town.

Mr. Ruby Assembly and I stepped out for our last Saturday holiday hoorah before beginning the working year with an old-skool daytime date at the cinemas. Both huge Tintin fans, we donned our 3D glasses and enjoyed the new animated feature film alongside a range of chuckling children and grandparents who made up most of our accompanying audience. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie which was beautifully animated, bringing our favourite characters Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock and Bianca Castafiore to life in glittering colour and natural expression.

Inset: My favorite Tintin character, Bianca Castafiore also known as ‘The Milanese Nightingale’.

Apres movie we ventured to that strangest of Australian chain retaurants, The Pancake Parlour. Like TGI Friday’s but with an odd Victoriana-meets-Lewis Carroll aesthetic, I can heartily report I enjoyed my Crepe Escape (crepes filled with oozy cheese, ham and topped with a pineapple ring) and Alice in Wonderland (buttermilk pancakes with fudge sauce, ice-cream and hundreds and thousands) with gusto. Who said tastin’ good meant good taste?

After all that delicious pancake-y campness and CGI Tintin fun, a girl needs a sit-down. Here’s the perfect spot, as if this beautiful wrought iron floral chair were made just for my weary haunches. After all these years going to Melbourne Central and the State Library of Victoria, how have I not noticed it?

Ruby Assembly would love to know – what’s the campest thing you’ve got up to these holidays?