Any Ruby Assembly blog reader worth their salt will know I have an on-going, life-long love affair with food. It’s not a particularly refined, nouvelle cusine “tomato foam on a mushroom shashlik” kind of love.

I won’t pretend that small servings of anything in life get my tick of approval. I’m a noisy eater, and regularly make Nigella-worthy oohs and ahhs over many a carbohydrate-rich meal. So, today’s brief blog is dedicated to a particularly delicious night-in of casalinga italian food with family. Casalinga roughly translates to food in the style of traditional Italian home cooking. Simple but rich sauces (usually red), meat cooked or stewed in its own juices and lots of olive oil are the trademarks of this culinary genre. When you pair this with the hunger brought on by a day in the ocean, it’s an all-out food fest of epic proportions. Enjoy  – mi casa e tu casa!

These elegant and silky pumpkin tortellini are from D.O.C Mornington, which has a beautiful enoteca beside its bustling restaurant. My sister-in-law also picked up some beautiful sausages to accompany the meal from the smallgoods area, hailing from Nino & Joe’s Meats.

Sausages sizzling away on the balcony, which was crisp with ocean air in the dusky summertime light.

Can’t say that I can genuinely tell the difference between good wine and the kind of good wine that connoissuers swish around their mouths, but I can confirm this vino went down a treat.

A simple cream sauce with pesto, chilli, sundried tomatoes and white wine seals the deal.

You too can look this happy after dining – casalinga style! (Note : Jeggings not optional whilst eating casalinga style.)