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Poppets, I’m still on holidays. In Rye. But before you choke on your soy macchiato, I put it to you that despite Rye’s reputation of being a guido-filled peninsula version of Jersey Shore – it is a lovely place to holiday.

Particularly so when you’re lucky enough to stay at the brand-spankin’-new Aquabelle, a series of boutique apartments chock-a-block with home comforts and beautiful designer furniture. Only a quick stroll across the Nepean Highway, you find yourself strolling along the Rye Pier which today has a tall-ship docked neatly by.

It’s not exactly going to be warm this week – it’s been drizzling and sun-shiney intermittently this morning – but I’m determined to enjoy my time by the beach with Mr. Ruby Assembly. Yesterday in true die-hard annual holiday style we braved the cool waters to ensure we got at least one swim in! I’ve discovered ‘Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ and the American version of ‘One Born Every Minute’ on Foxtel here, they’re the kind of television that holds your attention as you stare open-mouthed in abject horror. To make amends for watching these shows, I’ve also got a stack of novels (all half-finished) to work through, plus some planning for the upcoming year’s Ruby Assembly projects.

There’s a couple of places we love to go on our annual holiday down to Rye, including morning coffee at Coast in Blairgowrie (terrific people-watching of polo-club types) and I’m looking forward to my first visit to D.O.C. Mornington, the sister restaurant to Faraday Street’s destination pizza restaurant by Tony Nicolini.

I’ve got to share this happy little duo, a gaily spotted wet-bag perfectly polka-dotted and suitable for keeping all my essentials safe and dry whilst on the beach, simple to pop into a nautical red and white raffia bag. I’m beach ready (when it stops raining, of course). Big love to Juju for these special gifties!

…. but until the sun peeks her face out, I guess I’ll just have to do with this glamorous ensuite with large egg bath in cool stone. Happy holidays and catch you back at work next week! For more details on Aquabelle click here for their corporate page, and here for their Facebook page.

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  1. jmd67 January 10, 2012 at 6:01 am - Reply

    and what is wrong with a Guido filled version of Jersey Shore. I love Big Fat Gypsy Weddings – I watched every episode inflight on my way to India – I have actually ordered it but have been cautioned by Lingam that is must live in the Anna Franck cupboard with my contraband copies of Keeping Up with the Kadashians – enjoy it all Ioli

    • mm
      iolanthegabrie January 10, 2012 at 8:55 am - Reply

      So glad I’m not the only one who loves a big fat gypsy wedding. Do you also have a zirconia tiara in the Anne Frank cupboard?!? If so, I hope you bring it out occasionally!

  2. jmd67 January 10, 2012 at 11:42 am - Reply

    How are those dresses! I was totally gripped by it – it was 2am somewhere over SE Asia the cabin was dark and my fellow travellers dozing contentedly and there was was cackling like a big fat gypsy

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