Ruby Assembly @ Oaks Day

Last week, Ruby Assembly’s Iolanthe ventured out to the annual circus that is the height of the spring racing season to attend Oaks Day. Joined by Kyra of Pybus PR, here is a brief photo blog of the various shenanigans of two ladies who know how to keep it nice at the races.

Agreeing to meet ‘under the dome’ of Flinders Street station is a wonderful way to start a day at the races. I saw many beautiful hats, but I must admit the demographic who ‘did race fashion best’ were certainly the more mature ladies. Beautiful matching suits, architectural hats and rich jewels indicated these ladies were seasoned race fans who knew that orange tan and tottering heels does not a happy day make. As you may or may not know, I have a certain predilection for Eurovision and wanted to make a hat worthy of the most Babushka-doll like Ukrainian or Russian entry. So along I went to a Smith Street, Collingwood bargain shop to buy an armful of fake flowers in aid of my first hat-making venture.

My homage to mother Russia and Eurovision, encapsulated in Oaks Day millinery.

We were located at the Banks Precinct on Oaks Day, which luckily had a natty Johnny Walker pop-up venue – full of plush black leather lounges, occasional finger food and well-dressed equestrian-types serving delicious cocktails. I enjoyed some kind of more-ish pear puree/maple syrup/soda water/ginger beer concoction. Here we are on the couch (the photo may be blurry, but we certainly were not) at the Johnny Walker pop-up.

What’s a day at the races without a little flutter? There’s the large generic TAB to pop your $2.00 each way on the winning nag, or you could visit the cute Enid Blyton-character-like bookmaker Ian McLeod instead.

Watching the horses go by.

Kyra’s beautiful Madam Virtue & Co Sonia Rykiel chapeau deserves a mention here.

The Potbelleez also provided some entertainment (which was good fun!) but which unfortunately also encouraged the drunken denizens of Oaks Day to take off their shoes and swill Yellowglen from plastic bottles with abandon.  

Home time calls!

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  1. Elizabeth November 11, 2011 at 1:31 am - Reply

    I am left speechless at the perpetual energy and panache of you two young women. Elegance without comparison indeed. A great Melbourne tradition that was worth visiting I’d say.
    *mwah mwah mwah

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