As some of you may know, Ruby Assembly’s Director Iolanthe began running this year. After competing in Run Melbourne, she decided to get her kicks on and try her hand at the Melbourne Marathon (held on Sunday, 9th October). Today’s blogette features a few images of the day and gives an account of what seems to be Melbourne’s new favorite weekend activity – the group run for charity.

Before you get too worries, the Melbourne Marathon was the GENERIC name for the event. I’m good for about 5-6ks at the moment and I’ve no immediate desire to run further. One day perhaps – it’s just not that day yet. I usually run from Carlton down to the Yarra and back, or sometimes around the University – and I must say I’m getting quite fast. Run Melbourne’s time was 34 minutes (and I’d never competed before) but now I’m down to 25 or 26 minutes for 5 ks. Uh huh. I know! Impressive. As you can see from the image above, the Melbourne Marathon was chocka-block. It seemed a far larger event than Run Melbourne and I must say, it was less well-organised. At several times I didn’t know where to go to drop bags, pick up bags, exit the venue. A few too many people – which also impacted upon the run which ended up being more of a jog. I also did this run in 34 minutes which was quite slow compared to my normal pace. Meh. It was still a fun morning out with lots of people watching (and their various running gaits!) to enjoy. Here are some photos of my run!

Chariots of Fire…

…. or Rocky

…. I never thought I’d look this happy running.

Inside the MCG with my medal.