I was delighted to be invited to the red-carpet gala event that was the premiere of Surviving Georgia this week. Surviving Georgia is a humorous, whimsical ‘Sea Change-ish’ kind of a tale, with key protagonists played by Pia Miranda, Holly Valance, Spencer McLaren and Shane Jacobson. To be honest, they had me at ‘Holly Valance’, as I still occasionally pump up the volume on my ‘So Fresh’ edition of ‘Kiss-Kiss’. So come along and enjoy a star-studded night out at the movies with Ruby Assembly!

In line with all things frock-swap and Buy Nothing New Month I wore a beautiful silk Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress borrowed from the eminently stylish Jane Hayes, highlighted by an amazing Ghost and Lola neckpiece of vibrant tin flowers with matching cuff. I also managed to find a pair of cobalt blue Nude shoes from my local Carlton op-shop which matched perfectly!

 Inset: Unlikely and loveable couple Rose and Johnnie from Surviving Georgia.

Directed by Kate Whitbread and Sandra Sciberras, Surviving Georgia is a romantic comedy executed in a distinctly Australian tone. With less hyperactive touches of Strictly Ballroom and prettier aesthetics than The Castle, Surviving Georgia manages to be heartwarming without being overly saccharine. As someone who stays away from any kind of rom-com film (I find they’re usually full of self-loathing women with a combination of poor self-esteem, bad taste in men and mild alcoholism) Surviving Georgia was refreshing! A true fairytale of two sisters abandoned by their Mum in their adolescence who wend their way back to their mother and their home-town, it is certainly a fun ride. I won’t tell you too much about the plot – I don’t want to spoil it for you! But I will give the movie a big ol’ thumbs up and recommend you to see it.

L – R: Kyra Pybus, Iolanthe Gabrie, Jane Hayes, Lisa Teh

The premiere of the movie was at the intimate Classic cinema in Elsternwick, and was truly a fashionable and star-studded event. I was delighted to see fellow fashion bloggers and frock-swappers including Kyra Pybus of Pybus PR, Cecylia, Jane Hayes of Jane Hayes Consulting, Thom Wilton of Everybody’s Celebrity and Lisa Teh from Stylus Muse. There were also celebrity sightings including…

…. Rose Byrne and Michaela Banas

Spencer McLaren and Pia Miranda, wearing Parisian Street Society Balenciaga necklace and Hermes bangle…

… Nishant, Kyra of Pybus PR (wearing Madam Virtue couture) and Thom of Everybody’s Celebrity looking like Hollywood royalty.

Gorgeous blogger extraordinaire Cecylia with vintage tassled brooch and Ghost and Lola cuff.

L-R: Jane Hayes in Alexander McQueen gown, Phillip Lim bag and Louboutin shoes, Lisa Teh of Stylus Muse in Carla Zampatti gown.

Can anyone guess that colour blocking is in? Cecylia, Iolanthe, Jane, Lisa and Kyra in a rainbow connection of entirely less Kermit-y proportions.  (Photo courtesy of Cecylia)