This is the look of a contented woman. Yesterday I went on an outing with a dear friend to Heide Gallery. Being a writer, I’m often in urban spaces with a computer and an array of notebooks. I think I must miss the lush green hills of the Dandenong Ranges I grew up in – as arriving in the peaceful, muddily fragrant and misty grounds of Heide brought on a quiet euphoria. Here is a brief photo blog of my special day. I hope it inspires you to remove yourself to a place that makes you feel both creatively inspired, and at peace. At least for a day.

The view looking down towards the gallery and the gardens, which are full of lyrical sculpture.

Shannon Bennett’s Cafe Vue at Heide uses produce from their kitchen garden.

Where’s Peter Rabbit and Farmer McGregor?

The garden path leading towards the residence of John and Sunday Reed.

Forecourt of Heide Gallery. It reminded be of a millipede, all shiny black interlocking pieces.

Two dancing ladies with mossy hemlines.

The Heide gardens are extensive… I really liked that statue in the middle of this photo – it reminds me of a certain ‘Skating Minister’ painting  by Henry Raeburn in the National Gallery of Scotland.

One of Sunday Reed’s flower and vegetable gardens. The winter colors have their own dun beauty.

Leeks and espaliered roses.

An outdoor rotunda that hoots at me, looking like a little owl.

Secret Garden door? Ooh, yes please!

Mirka Mora paintings on the windows of the John & Sunday Reed house.

A little promise of Spring to come in Heidelberg.

At Cafe Vue, enjoying french onion soup and a luxuriously buttery brioche with smoked trout. Winter!

Happily in John and Sunday’s backyard – not an Angry Penguin in sight. I will come back soon.