Hi Ho, Hi Ho… It’s off to work we go! What? Not feeling so festive as the impending 2011 work year begins? Here’s a little ‘Ruby’ distraction to update you on the holidays … and the wonderfulness that I’m sure will be the coming year.

This Christmas was an absolute cracker in Ruby Assembly world. I got to spend some serious family time staying with my Ma and Pa, and developed a strange addiction to two television serials – The Tudors  (effectively political intrigue mixed with a healthy dose of bodice-ripping  and plague) and Rome (similar,  but with substantially more lions and cheesecloth). Image of Tudors below, may it also heighten your knowlege of erm… Henry the eighth and quaffing red wine.

I also had a little time away from the computer over Christmas and New Year’s, allowing me to indulge in some Christmas foods I wouldn’t normally make. Taking inspiration from Nigella Lawson’s ‘Feast’, I made a sweet potato and marshmallow side for the turkey course of dinner. Take heed – many doubted my desire to make this sweet and savory treat – but I persisted and the result was a tart, crispy, oozingly delicious Christmas victory.

 Next year on the Ruby Assembly Christmas adventure list? I’m going to try and make a seafood cockentrice. Watch Heston Blumenthal’s take on the traditional cockentrice I embedded below – just imagine it with a touch of lobster.


In between courses of Christmas dinner at my folk’s house, I also took time out to discover the very lovely gurgly-stream sound of the Merri Creek. So close to the ‘burbs… but once you’re on the trail you could be in the forest. Plus, you have the Greens voting neighbours with their happy pooches all greeting you as you go along. Ahh. The inner north of Melbourne – a great place. I also managed to take a photo of some interesting doric columns near Thornbury…. these were in the shape of Greek Goddesses. See Ruby Assembly’s suburban Athena’s below.

I must mention a wonderful New Year’s celebration with husband and parents at the exquisite Aquabelle apartments in Rye. Hosted in high style by the ineffable Donna whose eye for detail and tasteful decor blew us out of the water, we enjoyed 5 nights of outdoor dining and days on the beach. Donna has agreed to be a Business Ninja interviewee in the coming week – she’ll include a wonderful treat for all Ruby Assembly readers. More to come! Below, see some of the photos of Aquabelle at it’s best.

Cute christmas decor

Terrific views from the beachside balcony

Ruby Assembly Consultants are now back at it for 2011! We hope that you also had a safe and happy holiday season with your family, and that you will enjoy prosperity and health in the coming year. Keep your hats on as you will see a new-look Ruby Assembly website in the coming week. Thankyou for your support in the past year… and we look forward to writing you engaging and exciting text in 2011!