Ruby Assembly Consultants are committed to providing assistance to women. Whether it be in relation to giving them the confidence to take that first, critical step into home ownership (and being Queens of their own Destiny!), or giving them the tools to be able to enter into the workplace.

Along with an inspiring colleague at the upcoming Kreatrix business group, I have happened upon a fabulous and practical charity – Fitted for Work. This unusual charity focuses on helping women front up and be their very best at the all important interview stage. Just getting an interview is very difficult if you are new to a field, or come from a disadvantaged position. This difficulty is compounded further if the interviewee doesn’t ‘look right’.

Fitted for Work asks for donations of both professional business clothing as well as money to kit ladies out with formal attire to give them an edge. It also coaches women work on the CV’s as well as their interview skills.

This hands-on, practical approach to making people look and feel ‘the part’ is an innovative one, and one that Ruby Assembly Consultants are proud to support.

Please view their website, and should you be interested in also assisting in a charity function in conjuction with our business please call Iolanthe Gabrie on 0403 475 919.