Wow. 2010 already. It looks like it is going to be an absolutely cracking year. I hope that all you Ruby Assembly Princesses and Princes have had a good break and are ready to have a year full of firsts. First three course Julia-Child style meal, first home, first ride on a Vespa, first trip to the Deniliquin Ute Muster. Whatever.

I had a lovely break with my family which included watching the fireworks over Rathdowne Street in Carlton as 2010 started off. Then my Mum made garlic pancakes (pitolezzi) coz the Greeks insist nothing says a new year like garlic. Right?

Above: Fangin’ fireworks courtesy of Mayor Doyle post garlic pancakes.

Hubby and I went to Rye and generally enjoyed being slothful and staying up too late and swimming like puppies in the sea. Cute, I know. 

I have lots of happy Ruby Assembly news – one of my clients bought a pefect new home with our help in Footscray. Don’t discount this ‘westie’ area for good value, proximity to the city and an increasingly bourgeois ‘yummy mummy’ vibe in Yarraville.

We have also gone to opens with new client E in Thornbury to check out the two bedroom market. And I can tell you – Thornbury prices have certainly gone up. Renovations appearing everywhere, gentrification is in. So the next place to purchase for you guys would be Coburg or Preston – just on the boundary of a growing suburb.

Interestingly, the Reserve Bank has chosen not to put rates up. I wonder how long that will really last. There have only been a few auctions this year, but they have all done very well. The Melbourne property market is still going strong, and interest rates will keep rising as long as our economy doesn’t slow down. So if you are planning on getting in, don’t worry about trying to get together a massive deposit. Try and get in before you have to pay much higher interest rates would be my best advice.

So – 2010. A brand new year which will be full of possibility, opportunity and good change. Goals Iolanthe side? A European sojourn. A big white frenchy chic bed. Maybe a touch of a chandelier. I’m working on getting a puppy but hubby not impressed. Bow wow. We’ll see!

If you need help in getting off and running this year, get in touch so we can get you to your next goal stress free and with a confident grin.


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