woz-ruby-slippers1Hello there. I am Iolanthe Gabrie. Some of you know me through my time at Caine Real Estate, others know me from Harcourts, others again just from my time specializing in apartments in East and North Melbourne. I have recently decided to tackle real estate from a different angle – hopefully one that you will find both really useful as well as interesting. I have always really loved property – have always seen selling it as a way of helping your client from one stage of their life to the next. This more consultative and friendly approach made me both popular and oft referred to as a sensible way to work out ‘where to next’ with apartments in Melbourne.

So, now I am all yours. If you want a well-informed and experienced opinion on ‘where to next’ with apartments in Melbourne’s CBD or fringe – I am your little helper. Questions you can pepper me with include:

  • What areas should I look at buying in?
  • What buildings are good quality – and which are to be avoided?
  • Help! I have to sell my property. What agent do I use?
  • Yikes! My property is being rented through a nuff nuff property manager. Who do I use who is actually ok?
  • Is buying an apartment actually suitable for me and my goals?
  • I am going to bid at an auction – what will happen there and how can i get the best result?
  • I can’t keep up with my monthly repayments – who is a broker who will actually help me?
  • I need to get legal documents together for selling my home. Who do I use?
  • What is the difference between a solicitor and a conveyancer?

I will endeavour to give you a market wrap-up each week, as well as up to date free information on the best of the Melbourne inner city market’s apartments. I will try to provide as much detail as possible ie. developer, architect, body corporate, all rental results, all sale results. In short, I am here to help you out with sensible and relevant basic information. Refer me to your friends, parents, colleagues – whoever.

My mobile is 0403 475 919 and my email is iolanthegabrie@mac.com

My business is Ruby Assembly Consultants. Three clicks and you’re home.

How may I help you today?