Being in business – whether you’re a sole trader or a company Director – is often all consuming. The dynamic you have with your business will share many of the aspects found in a committed, long-term relationship.

There are times of complete infatuation where you just can’t get enough of the gig.  There can be spells of boredom, months of intense pride and of anticipation before big projects. Then there are the doldrums of boredom. But worst of all these peaks and troughs are moments of deep worry. Worry can be brought upon by a variety of events: from having made a mistake, to a momentary crisis of confidence or staffing problem. It could stem from losing a client, or having a big tax bill. Happily – as you mature into entrepreneurship, you learn to distance yourself a little more from the intensity of your relationship with your business. It still takes work to achieve perspective, however – particularly when your narky ego goes to work on the worry-wagon in your mind.

This blog is one to bookmark for next time you’re obsessively worrying about your business. Worry puts us in the past, or the future. Worrying isn’t that useful, as it doesn’t necessarily result in decision making. It’s just personal torture. So do what you can with the resources you have, and then consider these 10 things to do that are more fun than worrying about your business.

  1. Hanging out with your bestie, ordering in and watching Netflix. You get bonus points if you do tarot or oracle card readings for one another.
  2. Going to the Peninsula Hot Springs, indulging in a podcast catch up (if going solo) or a D&M (if going with fam and friends).
  3. Making a cheese platter on the good plates with quince paste, crackers, dip and fruit and indulging in a fancy drink on your own while listening to this awesome Ruby Assembly playlist.
  4. Buying yourself flowers, and placing them with reverence on your coffee table. You may choose to tidy the coffee table beforehand, but I’m not adding to your emotional/physical labour tally today.
  5. Getting a massage, going to a Slow Flow yoga session, or lying on a Shakti Mat. For bonus points, do all three consecutively.
  6. Have great sex with yourself or someone else, or listen to sexytimes audio from Dipsea.
  7. Read something by Brene Brown.
  8. Spend a full day at Cinema Nova on Cheap Monday, and have lunch and a Aperol at Johnny’s Greenroom.
  9. Put this track by the Gap Band on repeat, before wiping down your living room surfaces and lighting all the sage and incense you can handle. Candles and flowers or new pillows from KMart can enhance this experience.
  10. Dress the hell up, go out and get down. Spray on all the perfume, curl your hair, and order the Uber.

These are all legitimately more enjoyable activities than worrying about your business. I feel confident you are not a negligent entrepreneur, and that you’re taking action when necessary to course-correct and do the best job for your clients. Have fun. It’s good for your relationship with your business, and most importantly – your relationship with yourself.

Image: Breeana Dunbar