“Isn’t creating social media content for accountants really, really boring? I mean, how can you enjoy it – really?”

I’ve been asked this question many a time by incredulous individuals who think accounting is terrifically dull. And I’m always so, so pleased to respond with an emphatic ‘No – I love working with accounting practices on their social media content.’ And reader, it’s true – I’m not being trite.

Accounting is an essential service, as necessary to our lives as going to the Doctor, going to the supermarket or watching the season finale of The Bachelor. There is no reason why accounting practices should not enjoy vibrant, meaningful and useful social media identities. Over the past decade, Ruby Assembly have made a fine art of developing distinctive, clever and on-brand social media identities for service-based categories that many (misguidedly) consider dull: from accountants to lawyers, brokers to developers.

If you’re an accounting firm tottering on the edge of committing to social media marketing, today’s blog will give you the motivation to get your social show on the road. Here’s why social media marketing for accounting firms just add up.

  1. Early Bird Gets The Worm

Let me tell you … the accounting world is one slow-moving, backwards dinosaur when it comes to marketing. Marketing full stop, let alone digital marketing. Too often, accounting practices will send one dull newsletter (often in hard copy) at the start of a financial year and consider their job done. They may also send generic Christmas cards to thank their clients for their custom. If that.

Accountants, your industry is in the throes of generational change. The old guard will be decision-makers for a decade more (at the very most). If you choose to invest in a social media strategy and a digital ecosystem for you business (consisting of beautiful blogs, newsletters and e-Books), you will enjoy a substantial competitive advantage. You may think to yourself, ‘Really, Iolanthe? No-one really wants to talk to their accountant. Why would social media help my practice?’ Simply because your accounting business is a brand! It’s your responsibility and challenge to morph your clients from being accountant-dreading types into delighted customers who refer you lots and lots of business. And the way you’ll do that is by a) doing a good job and b) utilising social media to market with intelligence.

If you choose to do nothing, new-accounting brands will take their cut of the market … and your client list. Things are changing in your industry: take note.

2. It Supports Your Prospecting Process

You’d be surprised how often I meet with accounting businesses who have no prospecting plans in place for winning new business. Whether you choose to call it business development or prospecting, winning new business is essential to your firm’s long-term health (and overall value should you choose to sell it in the future).

A robust social media suite will carry much of your prospecting work for you. Intelligent social media will support your business and prevent client bleed by:

  • Filling the (sometimes large) gaps of communication between your advisors and their clients. If you’re only contacting clients when a) you want to sell them something or b) when you’re the bearer of bad news – you’re doing little to positively reinforce your professional relationship. Great social media maintains the engine of your relationship with your clients without relentlessly selling or talking about tax obligations. Keeping client relationships fluid and genuinely friendly is key to prospecting success.
  • Introducing new aspects of your speciality accounting service in an appealing way. Your clients are hopefully ‘clients for life’. As such, their needs will change – and your social media content will present them with other aspects of your service they may benefit from. By being introduced to your additional services in a narrative, gentle way that allows them to ask questions of you, your clients will view you as the expert. Let their curiosity be guided by your social content!
  • Social media helps your client to refer to you! Repeated exposure to your business and its values in an inventive manner is at the heart of great marketing. To build your business, honour your existing clients with interesting communications (that aren’t focused exclusively on accounting), and give them opportunities to recall your branding  – time and again. Next time their friend, colleague or boss are discussing a particular issue relating to accounting or wealth creation, they will be ideally placed to refer business to you. And as you’re undoubtedly aware – the best form of business is a qualified referral.

Do you feel confident that social media will play a meaningful role in your accounting practice’s marketing strategy? Should you wish to learn more, Ruby Assembly’s free eBook Social Media for Accountants will be your cup of tea.

Alternately, you can engage Ruby Assembly to do an outstanding job of social media for your accounting practice. That’s totally cool with us.