There comes a time each year – usually around May or June – where you wonder how it’s possible that January’s blistering heat has segued to Winter. “The year has flown past!”, you exclaim to your colleagues as you stare down a new financial year.

And it’s true: years do fly past. That’s why – as each Christmas approaches – Ruby Assembly make sure to gather as many of our dear clients to us as we may, to reflect and celebrate our achievements. By coming together for a few joyous and delightful hours (as documented in this month’s blog) we’re able to briefly slow down the furious march of time and appreciate just how much we’ve collectively managed to do in the space of 12 months.

2017’s Ruby Assembly celebration was held at charming high tea salon, Mary Eats Cake, in Brunswick. We were a little worried that the apocalyptic weather predicted would prevent some of our clients from making it, but happily nearly everyone arrived in one piece – ready for tea, champagne and cake (lots AND LOTS of cake).

There’s something quite magical that happens when you bring people together. Particularly when they’re clients. Ruby Assembly are fortunate to work with people we not only respect – we like ’em, too! So when our annual get-together happens, it’s a bit of a thing of beauty. Individuals from disparate categories come together, and get to swap expertise. They might even make friends, or learn something new!

I must say, hearing a room bubbling with conversation (punctuated by the odd snort of laughter) and filled with the people who ARE Ruby Assembly – both our team and our clients – makes the heart sing.

Please enjoy these few snapshots (by photographer Breeana Dunbar) of 2017’s Ruby Assembly Holiday High Tea.