There’s nothing like settling in for a good election night broadcast. Election day in Australia has a mildly hysterical, AFL Grand Final-ish vibe – all goodwill to man and buy a democracy sausage and slab of lemon slice at the local primary school.

It’s no secret that I’m an #auspol enthusiast. I soaked up the festive democracy feels at multiple primary schools across Melbourne’s inner north (Thornbury PS had particularly good ninja bread men served by off-duty Mums who happened to be humanitarian lawyers, natch) before retreating home to enjoy the count? Who would win? Will it matter? (Answers: No one as yet. And no, probably not.)
Like any good politics enthusiast worth their weight in how to vote cards, I readied myself for a night in on the couch with pizza and the ABC election count. Which was, dear reader, the best electoral count ever, hosted by Leigh Sales and my number one girlcrush Annabel Crabb. As I’ve opined (and maybe a little bit, whined) previously – Annabel Crabb is someone I want to be when I grow up. She’s whipsmart clever and has an outstanding career she’s clearly worked very hard for. She’s deeply feminine in a profoundly blokey world. She’s funny, she seems kind,she loves her family. She makes time to read and engage with culture, despite a likely-packed calendar. Reader, at some point I used to think we could be witty Twitter mates, sharing puns and occasionally re-tweeting one another’s witticisms about politics, literature and Scandinavian crime drama. But the fact is, I don’t think Annabel and I will ever be bosom buddies. Election night’s excellent coverage put the final nail in the Iolanthe-Annabel friendship visionboard. Nonetheless, I enjoyed her searing election night coverage, giggles with clever BFF Salesy and occasional quasi-greasies in the direction of Scott Morrison.
All of this, however, got me thinking about my other girlcrushes. Here are some of the other women I crush hard on, look up to and admire.

  • Nigella Lawson

So we probably don’t share the same politics. But we do share a similar zest for life and a fine disregard of what other people might think of our choice to be AWESOMELY FEMININE yet BALLSOUT CLEVER. I had the pleasure of seeing Lawson speak earlier this year in Melbourne, and her dry wit and commitment to answer pretty fluffy and mildly embarrassing questions with rigour cemented my adoration for this gorgeous woman. Her writing is excellently entertaining as are her shows, she is inimitable in her personal style and she fosters a wonderful sense of the conspiratorial with her audience. She made it very clear in her Melbourne talk that she is entirely in control of all that she produces, whether it is cook books, products, or media. The aplomb with which Lawson sailed through the maelstrom regarding her divorce was admirable, and only served to enhance my girlcrush.

  • Gillian Triggs

President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Triggs is an academic specialising in public international law, WTO disputes resolution, international criminal law and much, much more. I had the pleasure of seeing her speak this year. She is a perfectly polite lady with a great sense of energy and warmth about her person – she has the beautiful gift of making people feel comfortable, special and respected. Despite a filthy Liberal campaign discrediting Triggs as a Labor crony in response to her National Inquiry into Children in Detention, she held her ground and remains a vocal opponent to our unacceptable position on refugees. When asked about the stress she felt at a public, unfair lambasting Triggs said that ‘Of course I wanted to cry and break down. But that wouldn’t have helped me. It wouldn’t have helped anyone. It would have given them power.’ She is a great reminder to me to always be ready with my big girl pants when I’m required to rise to the challenge. Triggs is also a mother of three, having had one disabled child who has subsequently passed away. Her compassion when speaking about this part of her life is very humbling.

  • Kate Bush

An unrelenting creative throughout her life, Kate Bush’s eccentricity and wild, passionate expression inspire me to be playful in my professional life. Her writing has a clear depth and poetry, her music videos are extraordinary and lyrical. Bush’s recent concert series ‘Before The Dawn’ at the Hammersmith Apollo has a legendary status – she asked that fans not record or share the concert on their phones. And being Bush fans, of course – they didn’t. #MuchMystery #VeryCloudbursting
Who are your girlcrushes? Why do you admire them so? I genuinely want to know – let me know by leaving your answers below.
Photographs: Breeana Dunbar
Location: Mornington Peninsula whilst a guest of Aquabelle Apartments, Rye
Wearing: Veronika Maine coat, H&M woollen hat, Cotton On dress