It was quite some time ago now: I had been given a temp job at a real estate agency in the city. The job was pretty basic – answering the phone (it rang rarely) and photocopying open for inspection lists. It was an in-betweeny job while I’d work out what I wanted to do after my own career as an estate agent and auctioneer came to a finish. I had lots of time on my hands, and was brainstorming and plotting what we now know today as the business and blog, Ruby Assembly. While sitting alone in that grey, quiet estate agency I pressed ‘publish’ on my first Ruby Assembly blog – way back in October of 2009. Isn’t it funny how seminal moments can occur in such unpreposessing surrounds?
Six years later – in which time we’ve curated over 430 blogs and built a successful digital brand which has grown to the point of having a team to power it – and it’s time to hold a special celebration! What better a venue than the mysterious Grey Gardens Projects in Fitzroy – and who better to attend than Ruby Assembly readers and collaborators? Reader, a breakfast birthday party we did have – held in the gold-glinting lofty Grey Gardens, fuelled by brilliant coffee and beautiful eats. I hope these photos convey a little of the fun had, reminiscing about the changes in Melbourne’s digital community, the growing respect that considered commercial blogging partnerships garner and much, much more.
Thanks for being part of the Ruby Assembly family. I hope – as always – that our contribution to the conversation is useful, occasionally inspiring and always very real.