Cyclists steamed past me in the golden afternoon light, harried businesswomen wearing their sneakers sheepishly with their suits make their way to Flinders Street Station, effortlessly chic (and seemingly, warm despite a deficit of clothing) young things perch on barstools overlooking the Yarra River towards the boatshed playing with their phones, emitting sparkling laughter as the evening creeps overhead. Oh yes, autumn in Melbourne is a special time to wander by the river – reminding me again that there’s no typical Melburnian or any one type of class or creed who represents what our city is. Just recently I was strolling by the water myself, observing the madding crowd in the twilight haze on my way to new it venue – Arbory Eatery – directly on the waterfront.
Located on Flinders Walk and taking up a space which until recently was a disused train line, Arbory Eatery is an ever-so-long-and-lovely new casual dining and apres work drinks venue. They held a proper knees-up to introduce their venue, which was heavy on the good champagne, fresh oysters and beeeeeeutiful Collins Street types. I don’t use Flinders Street Station myself much as the Ruby Assembly studio is in the inner-north, but I am certain that Arbory Eatery will quickly become a favorite to commuters wanting to have ‘just one drink’ before taking the train home.
Open all day and offering breakfast, lunch and dinner – Arbory Eatery has something for everyone from coconut bircher muesli for earlybirds through to deliciously deep-fried croquettes and fresh Americana-style burgers for hungry nightowls. An outdoor venue predominantly, I am certain Arbory will do great business during the mild weather to come.

Good times, great hits: Cecylia and Leeyong of Style Wilderness.


Arbory Eatery: Slow Down, Stay Awhile.