When it comes to the creative New World Order in Melbourne, career progression and problem solving  is all about communality. I know: for six years now I’ve been a freelance creative and have spent the last three (most joyful and productive years) in co-creative, co-working environments. Leaving the corporate world behind isn’t about working from home and being isolated  – these days, forging a brave life on your own terms is about harnessing collective knowledge and continuing your education by osmosis.

If you’re contemplating embarking on your great new creative adventure (I so hope you are!), why not try your co-working and co-creative hand at Pause Fest by participating in the TAC’s Pause the Road Toll one-day hackathon? It’s gonna be AWESOME (and not just for techies, either).


What’s a hackathon, exactly? Think about it as a creative incubator, a chance for innovators from all walks of life (geeks, business entrepreneurs, creative folks of all disciplines) to come together for an intense period of co-creation. Hackathons are often the way that new tech developments and game concepts come together, but they’re equally applicable for hacking our way through social problems. With this in mind, the TAC invite you to Pause the Road Toll at their one-day hackathon, a day dedicated to dissecting a road safety issue and finding a solution to save lives.

Next Friday 13th of February at The Cube from 9am – 6pm at ACMI Federation Square, participate in the amazing Pause Fest TAC Hackathon – where participants will be called upon to solve a live brief and present a conceptual technology idea whilst going in the running to win a $5000 cash prize and $70,000 fund to bring their idea to life. That’s just the ticket for them to say ‘sayonara’ to the office cubicle before making their way to the co-working studio of their choice! Registration is now full for the actual TAC Hackathon, but why not head along to your closest coworking studio and have a crack at your own ‘ideas incubator’?


 At the Ruby Assembly studio (also known as the wonderful CoWork Co in wonderful Brunswick East), we came together for our own mini Pause Fest Hackathon. Below, meet an array of my studio mates: vibrant creatives who’ve hacked their way off grid. They’ve each an idea to share on ways to Pause the Road Toll.


Writer and sometimes salsa-badass Nell Casey of her eponymous business notes:

“As someone who walks, bikes, drives, rides a scooter AND takes public transport regularly the biggest thing that I notice when it comes to road safety is the prevalence of hurried-ness. So many people take risks as a way to shave off a few minutes from the trip (where are you going that’s so important, anyway?) We need to encourage people to slow down. Leave more time to get where you are going. Walk to your destination or take a tram and just enjoy the journey.”
Bec Mutch, head honcho and the brains behind The CoWork Co shares her idea about improving safety on the road:
“Travel is a collaborative adventure whether you’re going to the milk bar or the moon. Look after yourself, look out for others and enjoy the ride.”
Lifestyle coach, goodness guru and clear-thinking lady Justine Gorman shares:
“My idea is pretty simple but just for drivers to put their mobile phones on either the back seat or in the boot of the car so they are not tempted to look at it, answer it or text. Mindfulness is so key when driving or being on the roads and everyday I see people using their phones whilst driving and given I have been guilty of this in the past I am now putting my phone out of reach and I just deal with it when I get where I am going. It won’t kill you to not answer the phone but it might kill someone if you do!”
And a little idea from yours truly:
“Wouldn’t it be great to have an app which immobilizes your phone when you’re moving at anything over kms per hour? It would be a practical way to remove the temptation to answer or handle your phone while you’re driving or riding.”
Thanks to the TAC for sponsoring this Ruby Assembly blog. C’mon, get hack-y!