Hello folks! It’s a brand new year, and Ruby Assembly are back at the helm and ready to share our 2015 adventures with you all. How was your break?

I’ve a week or so left to indulge in my own projects before hitting the Ruby Assembly studio in earnest, and look forward to domesticity (the pleasure of clean windows and watered gardens), unpacking books and maybe a daytrip to the ocean and the mountains. These holidays we’ve stayed close to home, which has felt unusual because ordinarily there’s a trip to the beach every Summer. Never fear, I’ve a weekend away at my favorite Mornington Peninsula luxe accommodation, Aquabelle coming up before too long. I’ve noticed on social media that many are bemoaning the return to work. Collective chins up, buttercups! Summer offers long evenings and sultry weekends, and the party vibe continues past Australia Day. Anyway, it’s work that gives holidays their intense sense of luxury and relaxation, n’est-ce pas?
2015 has lots for you to look forward to – and I’ll be featuring a few events to daydream over in the next couple of blog posts starting with VAMFF 2015!
The launch party for VAMFF 2015 was held in early December in a gigantically large industrial building in Cremorne (inset above) – a steamy evening with milling crowds anticipating both the holidays and a great night of people watching to come. It was packed to the gills with fashiony folks and arts patrons, waiting to a) sup on caramel donut espresso martinis (yes!) and b) hear what VAMFF 2015 would entail from the event’s CEO, Graeme Lewsey. It also featured a kind of living installation of Assassins Creed-y type models standing inert in normcore sportsluxe upon our entry (image at top).
14. GET CLOSE Image 07_
Running from the 14th – 22nd of March, VAMFF is Melbourne’s biggest commercial fashion event. Held at Docklands and in various off-site cultural hubs, VAMFF has a truly international feeling and runways packed with ready-to-wear items which are ready to shop. If you’ve been to VAMFF and seen the autumn sunlight reflecting off the marina, the fabulously dressed denizens of our city Instagramming as if their lives depended upon it and the sonorous thud of the runway soundtrack – you’ll already know it’s an addictive event for any lover of culture or fashion (or farshun). Throughout this blog are dotted the official campaign images taken by Georges Antoni and styled by Kelvin Harries for 2015’s event which is themed ‘Get Close’.

 At VAMFF 2015 launch with Cecylia and Jess from What Would Karl Do.


Milliner Kristine Walker of The Human Chameleon and Estelle Michaelides of Micky In The Van.

10. GET CLOSE Image 05_
Highlights of VAMFF are of course the runway events, and I’m always impressed by The Grand Showcase – a kind of concept runway that includes performance. This year’s Grand Showcase features favourite Australian Designer Josh Goot, celebrating his tenth year as a label. There’s also the coveted David Jones Opening Night Event and VIP Party, plus a series of Premium Runways to look forward to. For more details on VAMFF 2015 and tickets, click here.

 At left, fashion writer Jasmine Morris, myself at right wearing Melissa Campana shoes, H&M skirt and best lady writer’s shirt. Do you know these dames’ surnames off the top of your head?

4. GET CLOSE Image 02_

Do you usually attend VAMFF? Perhaps 2015 will be your first year as a runway newbie – and a perfect event it is too. Both inclusive and glamorous, it’s a little bit of what you love about fashion magazines and blogs come to life. Air kiss you there, darlings!