Chop Chop


I’d had enough. Enough of picking up seemingly endless piles of my long hair, enough of blow-drying for too long (like dishwashing, blow-drying my hair leads to murderous thoughts best avoided) and enough of the prickly, hot neck that the summer months to come guarantee. A big chop was on the agenda – and the venue would be my new local hairdresser – Lucky Buster salon in deepest, darkest Brunswick East. Today’s post is dedicated to my big chop chop for summer, and the relief of easy to care for (and dare I say chic?) hair.


Lucky Buster salon is the business of clever Sarah (below), a very beautiful, quietly-spoken and gentle young woman who has now been running her premises for two years. Hip hip hooray – running ANY small business in Melbourne for two years deserves serious snaps. She picked a perfect position – the salon being on the almost-corner of Arthurton Rd and Nicholson Street in Brunswick East – close to popular Milkwood cafe and the legendary RRR studios. It is also right next door to Cecilia Fox florist, whose native, natural bouquets (above, and further down in this post) have been making my home that much lovelier for around three weeks now!



After being hand-delivered a coffee from New Day Rising (also next door, a fine and simple little cafe), Sarah’s fellow-hairdresser Sophia lathered my hair with Evo products before snipping that big mane of mine right off. And boy, was I happy about it!


Another gratuitous kitchen photo of Cecilia Fox flowers and delicious Bougies de Luxe candles. These candles throw a really large fragrance circle – you don’t need to smoosh right up to them to get a whiff of vanilla. In the kitchen, a fresh Basil Lime on Mandarin candle is refreshing after making a big pot of garlicky napoli pasta sauce (a regular occurrence in our casa). After having had such a squishy kitchen for so long, I’m revelling in the natural light and beautiful marble that makes almost anything I place on it look kind of fancy. That includes my Bamix.



Decorated in what is best described as true inner-north hipster chic, Lucky Buster is a charming, quaint small business most worthy of a visit. They specialize in styles which don’t require you doing more than washing-and wearing, which is ideal for a super hot inner-city summer. After your haircut, you can always let your Birkies lead you down to the Merri Creek for a stroll (let your newly-cut tresses wave in the gum-scented breeze!) or to CERES to shop for some kangaroo paw in the nursery. In all, it’s a blissy experience.

Chop chop!


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