Heads Up


A hat is a wondrous thing. As inimitable Melbourne milliner Richard Nylon said in his brief speech at the launch of The Eternal Headonist, it takes courage to wear a hat. You will be looked at, you will be admired, you will be a curiosity. More a signifier of style, of humour (jovial or morose) and of attitude to the world surrounding the wearer than an outfit, hats indicate that a person of some wit and occasion has arrived. Wearing: Serena Lindeman at The Eternal Headonist.

The Eternal Headonist is a space for enthusiasts of the fine art of millinery, a collective presenting a diversity of millinery from an array of artisans. An online portal, it promotes millinery as a year-round addition to your ensemble, not merely an addendum to your spring racing outfit. The Eternal Headonist online store was launched last week at Anna Pappas Gallery in Prahran, where a flock well head-dressed Melbournites came to celebrate all things chapeaux.



Guests were encouraged to try on the wide array of millinery presented as installation, and eventually enjoyed as delicately-handled, shareable playthings. Sevan of Sevan Autumn Leaves looks regal in her towering Richard Nylon headpiece – light as air, yet powerful and bewitching.



Sweet-tooths were sated with the delicious roving desserts from Helados Jauja – Argentinean icecream deluxe.


Are you a hat-fancier? Myself, I have a couple which I always feel very special in when I wear. After being introduced to new milliners, I feel sure that one dashing, structural hat will soon appear in my collection. There are some individuals one always associates with wickedly defining headwear – whenever I think of Christine, I see her in a spiky-teardrop black hat by Philip Treacy. I hope that as I mature, I become a lady synonymous with intelligent writing and witty headwear – after all, the precious head that a thoughtful brain resides in should be celebrated, n’est-ce pas?

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