I understand grand passions which are unfashionable. I empathise with geeks in particular, those who sew costumes with painstaking attention to detail before daring to brave their handiwork in public. As a teenage geeky type, I became fascinated by the X-Files – poring over episodes I’d recorded on VHS looking for secret supernatural clues while pawing over pictures of the then-delicious David Duchovny (oh, how the mighty are fallen).

Today I enjoyed participating in the geeky grand passion of Star Wars for “May The Fourth Be With You” – a selection of John Williams orchestral pieces performed by Melbourne Youth Orchestra at the Deathstar-like Melbourne Recital Centre. Although Star Wars has never been my grand passion, once you offer me control of a lightsabre (inset, above) there’s really no turning back. Here are some highlights of the concert event – replete with Mos Eisley Cantina, cocktails, cosplay characters and blue curacao milk drink for the young ‘uns (don’t ask, don’t tell).


 The Melbourne Recital Centre was a perfect venue for this Star Wars themed bash, in its own way very spaceship-like.


 Darth Vader and mates add extra color to the performance of the Star Wars theme.


 Who are you calling plastic? Storming the Storm Troopers.

People LOVE dressing up as Star Wars characters. This I saw first hand. I was particularly impressed by the grooving led-eyed sandperson who grooved along in boppy fashion to the Mos Eisley Cantina band.

 Extended member of the Ruby Assembly team, Miz Alexandra Hallam and Stormtrooper.