Working together just works. It may not be this way in all walks of life or professions, but when it comes to creatives getting stuff done – together is always better than alone. This morning I had brekky at newbie social enterprise Feast of Merit in Richmond. A YGAP enterprise, Feast of Merit delivers Middle Eastern-style food with profits going towards youth education and leadership programmes both internationally and locally. This is an example of the hospitality industry working in hand with social enterprise entrepreneurs to create an outcome bigger than either could produce individually. Working together, you know?

Fitting, then that I should break my fast with most admirable Melbourne food-writer Sofia Levin of Poppet’s Window. Also a commercial writer and a popular food blogger to watch, taking time to chew the fat (or in our case, the grains) with a colleague is a great way to reinvigorate your creative passion. So here’s what we ate while talking about the books that move us, restaurants coming to our fair city, family and Melbourne’s changing retail environment.

 Freekah-out! Freekah salad goodness with a fried egg and plenty of  veggie goodness for Sofia.


 Nothing so exotic for me: a morning run in the rain gave me a Solo-man-sized hunger, so I had scrambled eggs and avocado.

As we were leaving, Andre-The-Giant sized platters of lunchtime salad emerged from the kitchen. We’re talking salads packed with goodness and chickpeas and preserved lemons and butter beans. The kind of filling salad one wants in cooler seasons.

 Dessert looked good too. Who can go past a haute-cuisine slice o’ heaven?


 The verdict? All smiles. Visit Feast of Merit for brek, lunch or diner at 117 Swan Street, Richmond.