I like Jills. Two in particular: Jill Scott (famous as a badass neo-soul songstress and also as lead in The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency). Jill Scott has lyrics like ‘you better RELAX  yo’self ‘, and she wears mad ensembles that can only be described as #righteousbabe wear. My second favourite Jill is Jil Sander, whose ultra-minimalistic shapes and limited (yet bright) palette speak to the fashion iconoclast in me. Today’s blog pays homage to both of the ‘Jills’ in my mind’s eye – the one with the minimal color palette and the one with the love of fabric that’s as big as it is bolshy.

Last week I popped into Alpha60 to look for a couple of warm, woollen items to update and complete my winter wardrobe. They have a bombastic outlet shop where I found this perfectly square, wonderfully woolly, deepest, darkest indigo dress. Very minimal, yet kind of fancy. It matches perfectly with my snazzy blue suede tappers, and I can dress it up with bigger hair and jewellery, or pare it down with flats and a sleek bun. This is a dress I know will be a good friend to me for years to come – not only because of its natural-fibre goodness, but because of its Guggenheim-y aesthetic which is beyond any temporal trend.

Simple and monastic, yet its beauty shines through.


Don’t be a square about it.

Is there ever a style or a shape of costume that grabs you deep down? Not because it is fashionable, or even necessarily beauty-making. But rather, because it looks like a faithful friend that represents your spirit or sensibility in some way. This special dress is me, at home with myself.