Do you have a tacky film that you secretly (or not-so-secretly) love? A guilty pleasure that you KNOW is no good, but you love it regardless? For me, one of these secret loves is The Hangover. I know, I know. Judge away. The rooftop scene where Zach Galifianakis’ character  talks about his ‘one man wolf pack’ growing always gets me chuckling.

Big news? Today YOU’RE INVITED to join Ruby Assembly’s wolf pack in the form of my new project – Leader Of The Pack – a  four-week education course ideal for writers, bloggers or biz’nesses seeking to build zeitgeist or enhance their content confidence.

There’s a special promo code at the bottom of this post for y’all!

What’s Leader Of The Pack, you ask? It is a four-week digital writing and content curation course, devised by myself and my colleague, Kate Iselin from Vanity Project. In response to regular queries about ‘how we got started’ writing online/blogging full-time, we have created an education package that gives you all the tools you need to further professionalise and grow your online identity, or get one started if you haven’t yet dipped your toe in the online waters.
Full of immediate take-aways,  you’ll be leaving Leader Of The Pack with some mad skills including:

  • A professionally-written bio
  • Awesome headshots, and the technical know-how to go out and take your own photographs
  • An editorial calendar full of a month’s worth of content
  • A ready-to-post interview with a fellow creative
  • Gimmick-free knowledge on how to get, retain, and engage with followers across all social media platforms
  • A personalised business plan
  • New connections in the creative community
  • The know-how to build beneficial relationships with brand partners


“Get awf the phone, already!”

Kate and I were kindly hosted by a kitschy-gorgeous venue called The Flamingo (Melbourne’s finest Miami Sunset Lounge) to shoot our campaign images for Leader Of The Pack. They serve delicious cocktails, have interiors that Sandra Dee would approve of and are a bunch of fun.

If you are an individual or a brand seeking real-world, immediately applicable knowledge to grow your online profile, start here with Leader Of The Pack. This four-week education course is ideal for writers, bloggers or biz’nesses seeking to build zeitgeist or enhance their content confidence.. Held in our beautiful Richmond studio for four weeks from 6-8pm starting 13th of May, you’ll be plied with knowledge, treats and good company. Choose to attend all four workshops, or just the one or two that appeal most to you. For more details on single classes, email:

Leader Of The Pack is: Identity Creation, Content Curation, Monetization. With Heart. 

To book your tickets, click here. Email for your special Ruby Assembly promotion code first, though!