Legato is the finest fashion-related event I have ever enjoyed in Melbourne.

A collaboration between designer Linda Britten, the Australian Ballet, Opera Australia and Jane Hayes – this old-world style presentation of fine arts was a brilliant way to showcase fashion, dance and music. Indeed, a wonderful way to kick off my season at VAMFF’s cultural programmes – Melbourne herself put on a beautiful show with a cool, bright evening and smiling strangers along Collins Street as I made my way to the Athenaeum Theatre for Legato.
Set in the intimate, aged-yet-lovely surrounds of The Athenaeum – this simple yet elegant presentation was the antithesis of the runway – and all the better for it. Slow, human and focussed – this salon-meets-opera allowed the audience to slow everything down and appreciate the beauty of both the artists performing, and designer Britten’s collection.

Fine arias, finely-wrought gowns. A return to the past to reinvigorate the future of local fashion.


Reflections on Melbourne and Manchester Unity : Wearing Country Road bodysuit, Witchery drape skirt, Asos heels.


The moment before a gold-fringed theatre curtain is raised always has a sparkle of magic about it.


The Australian Ballet (school) presented a series of dances which were entirely modern – reminding me of both Chunky Move and Einstein on the Beach.


Congratulations Legato. I was moved and delighted by the lightness of touch and delicacy of sentiment of this performance.