VOOMF and the week was gone. Heading into March, the year has really ratcheted into action – Melbourne is bursting at the seams with things to do and places to be. Last week was a bit of a breathless adventure to be shared in bite-size snippets of Ruby Assembly goodness. In short there was : performance and dinner in a Northcote residence for Cherry, Cherry – a trip with Nuffnang bloggers to the Camberwell Market with lunch at My Other Brother, a decadent modernist high tea at the Adelphi Hotel’s Om Nom, a cheeky new hair-do a la Centenera, the revelation of the NGV’s Summer blockbuster for 2014/15 The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, plus the launch of Transformation at the Hellenic Museum in honor of International Women’s Day. 

No wonder I needed a long weekend.


Never one to shy away from the less-than-ordinary, when I heard of performer Neda Rahmani’s theatre piece Cherry, Cherry – which is held in her own home, where Neda tells you tales of family through song and story AND feeds you a beautiful Mauritian-Iranian meal – I couldn’t say yes to attending fast enough. The warmth and generosity of being welcomed into a stranger’s home is second-to-none. I met the most interesting people and enjoyed fascinating conversations with archaeologists, doctors, political campaigners and more. PLUS I had the opportunity to write an ’emotion sickness’ letter and eat a whole lot of delicious ‘sauce rouge’. There are still some tickets available to this intimate performance, held on St George’s Rd in Northcote. Life-enhancing.


Me – I’m not usually one for markets. I feel overwhelmed by all the stuff to sort through to find the bargain gold. In all my years as a die-hard Melbournite, I’d never been to the Camberwell Market. Thanks to Nuffnang, I attended a blogger market-wander followed by a delicious lunch at My Other Brother.



During my market-trawling I found a spectacular leopard print top from Pinup Girl clothing (soon to be featured on the blog) for only $5.00 – what a win! I also took a trip down memory lane via piles of old Babysitter’s Club novellas, Superman toys (modelled by Nuffnang’s lovely Valissa above) and dubious blacker-than-black baby dolls. Plus, there was a custom’s dog on the scene! After all – who knows WHAT you’ll find at a market, amirite?


It’s always a blast to catchup with other bloggers and chew the fat – or in my case, chew the delicious corn fritters with avocado. Above – Cintia from My Poppet and Magdalena from The Craft Revival.


Next on the agenda? A morning at the NGV for what was presented as an ‘exquisite celebrity connection’ as part of their announcement for the upcoming Summer blockbuster. I racked my brains to work out who might be in attendance (job well done, PR team at NGV!). I was worried at first it might be someone like Shane Warne (as I sense our Australian standards of what a celebrity royal is – well, they’re fairly lax). Instead, it was the announcement that travelling exhibiton The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier  is coming to paint our town blue-and-white in chic gallic style this Summer.


Curator Thierry Loriot reveals details of the exhibition to come. Dapper matching shirt and jacket, Monsieur.

Gaultier is known for his ‘democratic’ and global fashion sensibility, using models and celebrities to promote his collections that are far from the runway norm. JPG himself will be coming to Melbourne to launch this exhibition come October – let’s hope we get to meet the great man! Also, am hoping that some of the imaginary visions of our city in blue-and-white stripes will come to fruition.



Gowns worn by Australian actresses  (such as this one, worn on the red carpet by Cate Blanchett, as well as those enjoyed by Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman) will be on display during this glamorous exhibition-to-come. Bien sur, zut alors, sacre blue etc., I can’t wait.


Last – but not least – an afternoon of drinking cherry wine and eating dolmades under the soaring trees in the courtyard of the Hellenic Museum. The Hellenic Museum launched their new exhibition Transformation in honor of International Women’s Day – curated by Elizabeth Gertsakis AKA Mother Ruby Assembly (far right, below). Here I am with my Dad, looking dashing in his summer whites.


Elizabeth Gertsakis (art historical, writer and artist) notes of the exhibition :

‘The seven Greek Australian women artists: Anne Warren, Chistiana Fanaritis, Helen Sartinas, Nikki Doudoulis, Dora Kitinas, Thalia Andrews and Tina Sideris in this exhibition are from across three generations and various Melbourne suburbs. They take inspiration from the private worlds of family, religion, mythology, and inner landscape, but also from the intimate place of their role as mothers, daughters and keepers of culture.’

Pop along to visit the Hellenic Museum and view Transformation, which is located at the Old Mint on Williams Street.

Well, that was my week-and-a-bit. How did you spend your long weekend? I hope there was time for reading and eating, maybe a little bit of exercise (or shopping for a treat) too.