The other day in the Ruby Assembly studio, we were discussing the people we’d have at our imaginary dining table. My choice featured Annabel Crabb (oh, how I wish we were friends!), Meryl Streep, Sofia Coppola and Virginia Trioli. I could make them something from my favorite Rachel Khoo Little Paris Kitchen cookbook (probably salmon and ratatouille), and we’d drink vino from the Mediterranean Wholesaler and make witty jokes about the internetz, politics and whether Kevin Spacey or Ian Richardson was sexier in House of Cards. It would be awesome.

When it comes to my fangurl-dom, it’s always a mix of arch intelligence with idiosyncratic style. Today, I bow down in fangurl reverence at the style font of the long, blunt bob that is owned by Christine Centenera – senior fashion editor of Vogue Australia. With VAMFF coming up, I wanted a fresh, more modern style and I looked to Centenera’s thick, effortlessly contemporary blunt brunette mane for my update.

Wearing: Witchery and Cotton On. Hair: Organika Hair Carlton, Stylist Sarah Di Iorio

How good does having a whole lot of length cut off your mane feel? Sarah and team Organika have been looking after my hair for quite some time now – they’ve given me golden balayage on super-long hair, botticelli curls, poker-straight locks to rival Cher’s. After a long summer of hanging out at Carlton Baths, a big snip was in order. And it felt FABULOUS.

VAMFF – I’m ready for you! With your runways, hob-nobbing, selfie-explosion and opportunity to catch up with Melbourne’s arts and fashion community. Have you booked your tickets yet?


Check out the sneaky cameo photobomb by Organika Hair mascot, white fluffy Samoyed Oscar.


Organika Hair Co-Director Sarah and her fluffy companion, Oscar.


Thanks for the inspo, Miz Centenera. Maybe you can join Annabel, Sofia, Virginia, Meryl and I at my next imaginary shindig. Oh yes – dessert will be lemon ricotta tart – so wear your STRETCHY leather pants, gurl.